4th of July Decor & Party Plans

The 4th of July is HONESTLY my Favorite Holiday of all time! 
I don't know why I love it so much...it could be a mixture of warm weather, fireworks, YUMMY food, patriotic music and the annual reminder of what an AMAZING country we live in!!!
Being able to see Ground Zero this past year will be something I will never forget! It's so interesting visiting the site, you go from a city buzzing with never ending energy, to a surreal place that carries heavy emotion!

My 4th of July is pretty much the same year after year. We head to a neighborhood breakfast and then watch our small local Parade. After the parade we head to my parents house for a BBQ that most often ends in a water fight. Minus the years when it's either snowing or 50 degrees with a cold wind like it was last year, Burrrr!  We then get all "Pretty" and head to the Idaho Falls firework show.

Idaho Falls has the MOST amazing Firework show that had its humble beginnings.  I remember when it first started . . . in the beginning, it was a simple show put on by a few local sponsors, my Dad who was the general manager, and our local DJ Wayne Johnson.  It was a fun little firework show for all of Idaho Falls.  
But since then, over the last 20 some years this small firework show has grown to become recognized as the largest firework show west of the Mississippi. 

So...for all you out there who want an adventure this 4th of July, head over to my neck of the woods, I PROMISE, you will not be disappointed!!!

Here are a few Food ideas and printables I found out there in Blog Land that I just LOVED in celebration of this  AMAZING Holiday!!




Happy 4th of July Everyone!!


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