New Fashion & Life Favorites

As my love for things changes on a daily bases, I am going to share what I am LOVING at this very moment! 
Here is a list of whims that make my days a little brighter :)
 The perfect pair of nude heels!
 OK, so as nude pumps are most definitely the “it thing” right now, I wanted to be sure and pick a pair that I could have for years to come. 
Sounds crazy but I have been searching for the PERFECT pair for the last few months.  And then I found them HERE...they are from Sam Edelman and were a bit pricey, BUT I had a coupon so I decided to make the splurge. These sky high heels are the most COMFORTABLE heels I own! They are real leather and they fit my feet like a glove. Did I mention how heels in my opinion give women an instant bootie lift (if that’s even possible :) hehe maybe thats why I LOVE them sooo much!!
My latest taste craving has been for Cranberry Juice! I just discovered this version from Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice with a hint of Lime... YUMMY!

 Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash... 
I can't even tell you how much I LOVE this product!  I use it every morning in the shower! It gets all the dead skin off my face.  They better NEVER discontinue this. I might start a picket if they ever did!

 SERIOUSLY!! It relaxes me, it really does! I love that the instant I click on their site I have colorful, bright and fun images jump right off the page and get my creative juices going! I think I might just be addicted
A Turquoise Statement Necklace is the definitely a Must for the season. I just picked this one up from JcPenny! LOVE IT!
Well... there they are, at least for now!! :) hehe
 Have a SUPER DAY :)


  1. Those heels are nice! Where did you get them? You have sold me on every item on here. Curious to try cranberry juice with lime, and now I feel the need to wash my face as well. :)

  2. AnonymousJune 05, 2011

    Love the heels and the necklace! We don't have cranberry with lime here (yet), and I'll look into that exfoliator - thanks!

  3. Love and the heels and the necklace beautiful colors!!

    have a look in my handmade sandals in many designs and colors.thanks

  4. just follow u and in twitter :@harishandmade

    folow me too please thanks :)
    have an awesome day

  5. AnonymousJune 07, 2011

    my favorite exfoliating product is Baking Soda mixed with just a bit of water to make a paste. try it in a jam...suzy

  6. Tell us more about Pinterest!! It looks like a place I could get lost in for hourse :) I didn't see where to sign up though??