Weekend Trip to Salt Lake

This past weekend, my little family and I headed to Salt Lake City for a fun-filled weekend of Work and Fun.  
I had my guest appearance on Fresh Living Utah as well as judging the Miss Draper pageant. And, of course, let’s not forget fitting in as much shopping time as possible! 
 I picked up a few treasures that I am excited to grace our home with!  
Pictures soon to come :)

I would have to say the most fun I had all weekend was my 
first experience in a D-Box movie theatre seat!!! 

Oh my Goodness!!!  This was the most incredible, heart-racing, extremely intense 2 hours of my life!  I felt super bad for the people in front of me because I  couldn't help but laugh each time the chair would move or would vibrate or jolt. Brett also couldn't help but laugh at me, laughing at the chair, so together I am sure we REALLY bugged the people around us!! 
OH WELL.. at least we enjoyed the experience!!  
It also didn't help the intensity of the situation that the movie we watched was 

Super 8  

You’ve GOT to see this film! Brett and I  Loved it!  
It was SUPER intense, most definitely NOT for kids!! 

It soooo reminded me of the old school shows of my youth, 
you know the 80's type feel like Goonies and E.T. 

 I would give this movie a definite two thumbs up, but be warned . . . if you attempt this movie in a 
D-box seat be prepared to feel like you have been on a roller coaster for 2 hours!  
I think I now have a love/hate relationship with this new technology.  
But I do have to say that I like it sooooo much better than 3D. 

Not sure how you all feel about 3D but when the movie is over I come out feeling a bit dizzy! 
I must be getting old!! hehe

Well..that Is what I was up to this past weekend! What did you do??


  1. I was in Utah, too. LOL We went to a movie, too, but not a D-box one. Sounds awesome!

  2. What a perfect movie to experience the D box! :) We saw Inception...I think your movie may of been better suited for it...:) Cant wait to see the pics of your shopping spree! So fun! Come by and see what I did this weekend...I a m pretty proud of it! Xo, meme