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Hey everybody, how’s your week shaping up?  Mine is soooo full of activities -  We are still trying to finish up the yard. I am working on a porch revamp (pictures coming soon)!  
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Sooo...I admit I am a bit behind in my posts...but I have sooo many things that I need to share!  In the meantime, if you missed my post on prints and photos here is a recap! 

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Today I want to share a quick tip on how to make simple prints or photos look like impressive and expensive pieces of art.

I have used this trick over the years and now treasure the pictures that adorne my walls!

 Let's first talk about this picture...

I saw this picture many years ago in a boutique for around $350.00
At the time, I was a poor college student wishing I had the money to buy it!
And then, I got an idea ... I went to typed in rooster and low and behold there it was, the cock-a-doodle-doo print by Kimberly Poloson for only $25.99
I of course bought the print!!!

I then took the print to my local framing shop and asked if they could mount the print on Foam core and then add a canvas texture over it.
They did a GREAT job and all for less than $15.00 bucks! Yaaay!!!

I then bought a standard frame from my local craft store and Voila… 
I ended up with an AMAZING picture that in my opinion looked even better than the one they were selling at the boutique. The one at the boutique was much smaller and had glass over the print, while mine is A LOT bigger and looks like an expensive canvas.
In the end, I spent a little less than $100 for everything.
You can't beat that!

After that experience, I continued to add prints to my home. I also thought why not do the same thing with photographs. 

So, the LOVE affair began! 
Here is a picture of my Baby "B" as a newborn...Sniff, they grow up to so fast. 

The Concept here is the same, The photo has no glass over it. The picture is mounted on foam core and covered with a canvas finish to protect it.

Online, there are a lot of professional printing 
websites that can provide all your printing needs.
Persnickety Prints is one of my favorites! They have the BEST customer service. Just call if you have any questions! 

On this site, they give you an option of buying either a standard paper print or having them do the work for you of mounting and texturing. It's sooo great and SUPER easy :)

My advice for you is to look at the price options and see what would be the less expensive route. Having them do it, or choosing your local frame shop.  

Also, as far as framing goes, be creative! 
I actually talked my cabinet guy into building the white frame above.  I was able to pick the size and color.  
He charged me $35.00 for this custom frame. Not too Shabby :) 
There is also an even cheaper route for finding frames. Just head to your local thrift store, it's amazing the treasures you'll find there. With a little spray paint, it's as good as new!


  1. I stopped by to say Hi from Lolly Jane! You are super talented! Hugs, antonella :-)

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