Photography Workshop and One Amazing book


By: Katie Evans

I can’t even tell you my excitement for this book! 

 A few years back, my cute husband bought me this incredible Nikon camera. At the time I thought the art of photography would be something easy that I could pick up on my own. 
 Boy… was I ever wrong! Can we just say “aperture, lighting, Shutter speed, oh my!!!” 

All of it was so confusing to me... Aughhhh
(please tell me I am not alone here) 

The truth is, just like anything it takes work and practice to create amazing shots. 

I hate to admit this but my poor Nikon has become a point in shoot! Aughhhh! I KNOW, RIGHT!!! 

 But then, Katie, an old friend from High school who is an UBER talented photographer, sent me her new photography book
(maybe she could see I needed the help) HEHE!!  

Here are just a few pictures Katie has taken!!

 WOW…is all I can say!!! 

After reading Katie’s book, 
all I can say is OMGosh…Seriously!?!
 My eyes are now open to the ways of photography! At least the stepping stones to get me there that is! :) 
I can now see the possibilities of my camera and to top that, 
a lot more things like, when to use what lens is Finally making a whole lot more sense!

 I admit, I think Katie started a fire under me. Her book made things so simple to understand! 

 My recommendation for everyone is that this is a MUST read!!! Yes…I am taking over where Oprah left off and putting this book on the book club list! :) 

Here is the link to Katie’s book! 
And to her Blog and website 

OK…now for the REALLY exciting part, 

I am ultra excited to announce that Katie is hosting a photographer workshop this July! Wahoooooh! 
If you can't tell, This is me jumping up and down:) 

She is hosting one of her workshop in Kaysville, Utah 

The day and time is...
{Kaysville, UT) Saturday, July 16th @9:30am

 Normally this workshop would run you $225 but she is giving a friends special for only $125!! 
And as a bonus, you receive a free copy of her book!!

I will be attending the workshop!! I would LOVE for you all to come and spend the day with me and Katie and others to learn the skill of photo taking! YAY.. Soooo excited!!! 

Contact her right away as the class is filling up FAST! 
And there is limited space

Here is a little more info about the workshop!
The Key to Taking Pictures {WORKSHOP}

It will be a great time filled with LOTS of valuable information on how to take your photography from ho-hum to awesome!

In my workshop you will learn:
  • the in's and outs of your camera so you can finally get it off auto.
  • all about aperture, ISO, and shutter speed and how they relate.
  • easy tips and tricks to get sharp crisp pictures.
  • what kind of light to look for, how to position your subject in regards to the light and how to take a good picture in any lighting situation.
  • how to compose a striking picture and what to look for in regards to composition through your lens.
  • my entire editing process from start to finish.
The workshop will be approximately 3 hours

Shoot me an email and let me know if you are coming!! :)


  1. I am right there with you Heidi. There is so much to learn about camera's. I wish us both luck. I must buy your friends book!


  2. Her pictures are really good. I am going to have to buy that book. I need to learn more about photographs.