Styling The Porch

The growing season in Idaho is SUPER Short!!! 
Seriously....If you plant something in April, that plant will either freeze because it's still snowing or it will finally bloom around the 4th of July :) . . . and then, of course, freeze at least once again before the end of August! 
I dream of over flowing box windows and flower pots with flowers that bloom six months out of the year, but until I move back East, that’s not going to happen!!soooo... I came up with a solution for the problem!

For a couple of years, I attempted to plant small flower starts in my pots. 
I don't know what I did wrong, but they would always die or WORSE become bug infested.  

I will be the first to admit I am far from having a green thumb. It's more like a black thumb if you ask me:)  But I still want that Huge, Gorgeous Pot of  flowers to grace the front of my house! 

So, for the past few years, around Mother’s Day, I make my way to the local plant nursery and check out their hanging flowers. My nursery has the prettiest hanging flowers year after year.  After I pick the BEST of the BEST... I hurry home with my colorful treasure and grab my wire cutters; I then continue to cut off the hanging wire hook. What am I left with?  
Perfection to fill my empty flower pot on my Front Porch. 

Here is the empty pot...

Here I am cutting the wires....

 And here is the pot filled... 

Oooh... I just love red  (but you all already know this!) 

I also LOVE that it is Totally full-grown in the beginning of June! 
This picture makes me HAPPY :)

A few flowers and some colorful pillows can really transform a “Blah” porch to a Bright and Cheery One!

Here is what my porch looks like after the long winter.

Yeah…pretty boring!

And this is what it looks like with a little spring cleaning! 
( is STILL spring in Idaho..At least the temps are!!)

Call me CRAZY...But I have a hard time mixing real 
flowers with fake. 
Sooo, during the summer the wreath on my door is MIA! 
It's More Simple...But I love it! 
( I got the pillow last year from PB!)

What projects have you been up to???
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I am feeling like a failure when it comes to link parties.... sniff! :) 
 last time only 3 of you participated 
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  1. Your house kills me it is so cute! I am another lover of all things red. It is a problem because there are only so many red things I can have in a room but I can't seem to go towards many other colors!
    Your flower idea is wonderful. My sister lives in your town. I think I know which flower nursery you go to. :) Gonna have to give her the idea too. She struggles with her flower pots every single year!
    I didn't get to see your post about your front yard until today, so I will comment here. You did an amazing job! Brett's work on the sidewalk is really pretty. Your decorating is so much my style that it gives me a lot of inspiration! I walk away from the computer wanting to improve our home and make it beautiful!

  2. Thanks Meg...Gheesh, You just made my day!! I go to Eagle Rock Nursery in IF They have the BEST stuff in town. Be sure and tell your sister! OK, so I am going to try and incorporate blue with my red, Crazy I know, but I want the best of both worlds..we will see what happens :)

  3. Thanks for hosting, Heidi!!! Love your front porch! It's just lovely...;) (and I do the same thing w/my flowers...let the nursery do all the work...;))

  4. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous!!!!

    If you get the chance stop in and look at a bed I painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint…and a sneak peek at one of my client’s homes! Xo, Meme

  5. I LOVE your house and your style. I need you closer so i can get ideas out of you!! Awesome house blog :)

  6. Hi there, I am new to your blog. Love it!! I linked up. Nothing all that exciting but figured I would : )

  7. Funny that you said you are going to try mixing blue with red, I just added a big red beadboard cabinet in our blue bedroom! I worry sometimes about looking too patriotic. I think there's a fine line to follow and I don't want to cross over into a 4th of July faze everyday!
    P.S. How do you link up?