Father's Day Favorite Eats

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Father's day! 

I know we did, What could be better then sleeping in, being late for church (oops!)  Hand make cards from the kids, Presents, and eating GREAT food!!!

I made this cake for a church activity last Thursday, As you can imagine it was instantly consumed so
Poor Brett and the kids didn't get any!! sniff...
So, as a special treat I  re-made it a few days later for Father's day!

Seriously...this Cake is SUPER yummy, I am a sucker for anything Almond!  
HERE is the recipe. I revamped mine a bit as you can see, and added more almond then it asked for in the batter!

I also made this Pasta Dish for Father's Day!! 
Seriously...It was Soooooo Yummy!!! There were NO left overs!  I am already craving it today!!

Ice Cream is a HUGE tradition in our family! 
When I spotted this gem at Macy's, I had to get it for Brett!! 

Bella Cucina Waffle Cone Maker

He was Super excited but honestly, I think the kids were even more so!!

Hope you all Have a GREAT week, 
Mine will be SUPER busy preparing for our 
annual BEAR LAKE Trip! Yay :)


  1. That cakes looks amazing! I have to try it

  2. Your cake looks beautiful!

  3. I love the waffle cone maker what a fun idea.

  4. That cake looks wonderful and I love waffle cones. If I had that gadget oh my gosh I would def be Miss Thunderthighs USA. lol