Bear Lake

Well the time has come, we have packed the car and we are headed off to one of my favorite vacay-spots...BEAR LAKE!!!

This is an annual event for my side of the family. We load all the kids for the 2-hour drive to spend a fun couple of days of water and sun with their cousins. 
In the past, we have usually stayed in condos. But this year we are attempting to do some different...CAMPING, Ahhhhh!! 
The truth is, I am NOT a big camper...I can handle about one night of the smoke, dirt, sleeping in a sleeping bag (Way too tight for my taste) and lack of bathroom facilities.  Now with that being said, I do want you all to know that I still go because my kids REALLY enjoy it. But really it's not my cup of tea. And 
Gosh Darn it...People still like me! (SNL) 
So I guess I am not 100% an Idaho girl, but then again not all Idaho girls like to go camping, right?... right?

So yes, we are going camping but I have to be honest, 
It's not REAL camping! hehe 
We are doing a type of camping that I Very much agree with. We are pitching our tents in a big family reunion warehouse that is carpeted and heated, with the pool 5 feet away, a tennis court, and a private indoor bathroom only yards away! I am planning to set up camp with an air mattress covered by a memory foam and REAL Sheets to cover my make-sift bed! (Ok... so I am a bit of a wimp, oh well)  
The baby will be in his pack and play and the other 2 kids are looking forward to sleeping bags!  But I tell you what... 
Bear Lake is definitely worth all of this!! 

Just look at that water and Sky!

 Here is a picture of my Family from our trip last year! I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters, So you can imagine the endless noise and never-ending pranks and jokes 24/7

If this week is a bit slow on posts, you now know why!:)
I'll be either basking in the sun or freezing my little toosh off! That’s Idaho for ya (Smile)

Have a GREAT Weekend Everyone!!!

meanwhile I will keep telling myself this...


  1. I love your family picture! I am not a camper either. But I like your idea of camping, inside!
    Have a great weekend!


  2. What a great photo! Our large family is getting together over the 4th and we have decided to go a big group photo like this. Hope it turns out as well :)

  3. that is one of the most awesome family pictures i have ever seen! I LOVE IT!!!

  4. AnonymousJune 25, 2011

    I'm not much of a camper either and I'm from Idaho too. I like you do it because my husband and kids love it. Is their a link to the indoor place you are staying? I might have to do that one year vs the "real thing". Gabrielle

  5. Okay, I give up! I'm intrigued by the idea of indoor camping! I've googled and googled every combination of what you describe and can find nothing! I'd love a link or the name of the place you're staying. Was it as good as it sounds!? Thanks in advance :)

  6. laina,
    Hey sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you!! Ok so this place that we stayed is privately owned. But I tell you what...If someone was smart they would build a HUGE open space that people could rent out to camp inside!! they would make a killing ;) especially in the Bear Lake area!

  7. Thanks Heidi! Darn, I wish that place was available. Someone should definitely open a place like that!