Alphabet Summer Activity Guide

With summer upon us I I just had to share with everyone this SUPER cute idea for keeping the kids entertained during the long days of summer! 

 The past few years My friends Andrea and Krysta have done what’s called the "Alphabet Summer"  It looks like they have had a BLAST doing it, 
soooo... I have decided that this is the SUMMER the Parson Family is going to join in the fun and attempt the Alphabet summer.

What is a Alphabet summer you might ask?? 
Well, I am about to share with you a Genius idea...

I hear too often the words "Mom there is nothing to do!" aughhhh, I go CRAZY when I hear that! My quick response to it is, "Well if you want, I can find something for you to do.” Which they know VERY well that means a series of chores. I couldn’t let my kids do chores all day because then the MOM guilt would kick in and I’d again find myself WISHING Idaho summers had more to offer. 
Soooo, the Alphabet summer is a MUST this year, especially having the ages of kids ranging from 9 to 2. My two little readers still need all the extra help they can get! 

OK, first thing’s first... Here are the links to Krysta's and Andrea's alphabet summers. 
Of course their ideas are custom to the needs of their families.  

Basically how it works is this..
Depending on the day, you choice a letter... it could A, G, Z it doesn't have to go in order. Then you chose a summer activity to correspond with the letter! 

For example on Z day we would go to the Zoo! 

Of course learning will go along with the activity.  
So, the kids will spend sometime during that day working in their notebooks

Here is the list of what our family plans to do this summer A-Z!!  

– Animal day – Read about your favorite animal
B –  little "B" Day!
 – Cupcakes and Cleaning
D – Dollar Store

E – Collect Eggs from Grandma's Chickens! 
F – Family Game night!
G – Giant Bubbles
H – Hide ‘n’ Go Seek in the Dark
I –  Indoor Door campout!

J – Jammie day
– Kickball
L – Lunch with Dad
M – Meg's Day! 
N – National Holiday – the 4th of July
O- Outing with Mom
P – Popsicles and Painting
Q – Quack!! Go to the green belt and feed the ducks!
R – Recipe; learn to follow one
S –  Smores, Sidewalk calk
T –  Tie Dye
U – Trip to UTAH (Lagoon)
V – Vacation ( Bear Lake)
W – Water Games
X – EXtreme Makeover! Finger Nails, Toes and Hair :)
Y – Yo-Yo's 
Z – Zoo Day

And there you have it!  
Of course as me being a CRAZY mom of three, I need to be somewhat flexible with this list. Some days I might be making things up as we go. 
(Heck, isn't that what we as moms do BEST )?

I am going to attempt to do 2 letters a week. It might be one, but One is better than NONE right?   

Since little B is my little artist, I will be sure to have lots of crayons and paint available and add blank pages to his  notebook.
I can't wait to see what creations he comes up with for the letter of the day! 

Another element I am adding to "B"s Notebook is tracing letters! 

This way he won't forget any of his Alphabets when Fall comes, this is especially important going into 1st grade

Here is the website for the tracing letters. 
This site also had MANY other alphabet games and activities!  
Thanks Andrea!

For Missy, I love Krysta's idea about working on spelling words and writing down all the words she can think of that start with the letter of the day.

In Missy's Notebook I added a page with each of the letters on top!

The Kiddos are out of School Tomorrow, So Wish me luck!  
Summer...Here we COME! 


  1. What a great idea! I am going to tell my daughter about this.


  2. great idea. When my girls were little we spent one day a week discovering a new community in our large city.(San Diego) Each week would visit a little beach town, for example, shop (they were tweens) and have lunch. It was a great way to learn about their community, spend time together (not fighting) and they actually looked forward to it. We also made time each summer for family movie night where they got to pick out the movie, we all had dinner and gathered afterward with the obligatory popcorn and watched it. Some of the worst movies were the best nights and, again, they still talk about it. I know your kids will always remember their a0-z summer! Thanks for allowing me to reminisce as my girls are all grown up now.

  3. hi! I don't even have children and I love this idea. I will have to share this with my friends & family who do have kids! Thanks!

  4. VERY cute idea! Love this, it's fun and they're still learning! :)

  5. sooo funny! I'm doing this for the neighborhood then I came upon your blog! so fun. I am finding letters outside that aren't actually written letters such as..we found an A in the A frame swing set and took a picture of the kids next to it. Looking for the letter shapes has been a fun thing to add to our scrapbook. We are also eating new veggies that start with each letter.. There is no reason to be bored this summer :) Have fun!

  6. AnonymousJune 13, 2011

    Great idea for Grandmas too! I hope you get to take your trip to Bear Lake. If you get a minute when passing through Montpelier, stop at the There is a beautiful free quilt display upstairs you might enjoy.

  7. We were planning on doing an ABC summer with the kiddos...came across this on Pinterest and loved how it was laid out. I did a similar post and credited you for the great idea! Thanks! I'm your newest follower.