The Lettered Cottage

I am sure that most of you know Layla from The Lettered Cottage...If not???
Then you have got to head over to her AMAZING blog right this very second :)

I am always in awe by her talent to transform a room!

This one INSPIRES ME....It is one of my FAVORITES!!!

She is Definitely my Designer CRUSH!! hehe

Thanks again to Layla & Kevin
 I was featured on

The Lettered Cottage


Kate said...

Hi there! I found your blog via The Lettered Cottage, and love your designs! I've just spent the last hour plus, when I should have been cleaning!, browsing and I am hooked! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your toy closet, but I couldn't find any shots of the finished inside of the closet. Is it still a work in progress, or did I miss the entry? I'm going upstairs now to remake my bed! And THEN, I'm going out to buy some fabric to recreate your bedskirt. Oh dear, my whole day's been rearranged! Thanks for all the eye candy and design inspiration!

Home by Heidi said...

Kate...You just made my day!!! SERIOUSLY :) NO, you didn't miss a post about my toy closet. I have been ultra lazy! It is sooo close to being done, I PROMISE I will post soon!!
Good Luck with your day, Mine day can change from second to second :)

AntiqueChase said...

Just found you from THe Lettered Cottage and wow, that yellow bed had me at hello!! Come by and say Hi if you have a chance. I am clicking to follow you!!

Kerri said...

I can't believe I didn't find your blog sooner. Thanks to Layla for introducing you to those of us who haven't been here before! Your home is STUNNING; I am seriously swooning here. Every room is delicious. I am now following you! Hope you'll pop by at


Annette said...

Just found your blog today from the Lettered Cottage and I am so impressed with your beautiful home! Love all the beautiful things you have done and still looking at more!! Every room I see is more inspiring than the last!

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