Just Outside My Window

This is what I see outside my window today!

NOTHING could be sweeter than this!
After 5 years of living in our home and doing the "HARD"... not fun :(
 landscaping ourselves 
(literally baby step after baby steps after baby steps), 

TODAY we are FINALLY getting the "PRETTY" landscaping done!  

That means Rocks, Bark and TREES people!!!
I can't even tell you my excitement!

Here is where our FRONT yard started... Ooooh so Long AGO! :)



Oooooh my favorite part of the front yard is the spiral topiaries. 
Yes, I am a bit obsessed with topiaries! I now have them inside and out :)

I also LOVE window boxes! 
The only problem I have is never knowing what to plant inside of them

Didn't Brett do an awesome job on the rock path! 
(I LOVE my handy man! )

I will post the backyard as soon as all the trees are planted! 
Whoot, Whoot!! 
Just wanted to share my excitement for the day :)


  1. It looks beautiful!! How fun!

  2. Looks fantastic - what a difference landscaping makes!

  3. Wow...what a great job. How about some vinca in those window boxes? Its colorful and loves direct sun.

  4. looks like a lot of hard work paid off!! so gorgeous!-your topiaries are a perfect way to top off the look. xoxo