I'm Keeping the Red...I think???

After much thought and anticipation of what I am going to do with all the red in my house, the verdict is in...I am keeping the RED...... at least for now!

Here is how I came to my decision.

As I journeyed my way through blog land, I started falling in LOVE with all the different Rooms of  blue and green,  combinations with a touch of yellow or khaki 
How could you not, It all looks so soft and comfortable...swoon!!
 At that point, I decided to out the red 100% and start a new!!  
Well.... I started to have some anxiety over the transformation!!! 
I’ve lied awake at night (my time for inspiration) trying to come up with a game plan.  
Night after night I thought of what direction I wanted to go.  But nothing ever seemed right.  My ideas were just not falling into place!   

I struggled with not knowing how to X the red and replace it with blue.
And then I realized, if I painted over our red  Kitchen walls, then I wold have to Change EVERYTHING in my house. Curtains, frames, pillows, flowers etc, etc!!!
if you can imagine, I started to get a bit overwhelmed
 So, I decided to take a step back and take a different look at things.  
This is what I decided.... I LOVE Red, I really do!!!  

But, I have noticed a trend going on in the other parts of  our home....
 Without even realizing it, I have decorated most of my rooms without red.
For example: 
The Master bedroom.. (yellow and green) The nursery...(green and blue) The hall bathroom.. (black and green)  The Downstairs bathroom (yellow and green) and  girly room is now  (blue and Pink)... pictures to come :)
Here is my Kitchen currently, I like how the  white cabinets balance the red paint.

And here is the Front Room

Why I've had such a struggle with this decision is because...I Love, Love, LOVE blue. 
I have some blue in our home, and I just LOVE how I feel when I'm in those rooms!
But, I still really like the color RED! 
I Suppose it's very much me, and lets be honest... I have got to be true to who I am. 

 Before I change anything, I need to be truly inspired and see the whole room clearly in my mind before I do anything. I don't want to spend money and waste my time on something I don't REALLY love.
Soooo, Red might not be the MOST popular color right now,  
But...I figure as long as I LOVE it, that’s all that matters, RIGHT?
So, I am keeping the red, BUT.... Improving upon it!
 Here are my plans: 
-Reupholster my front living room chairs
-Get some REALLY great pillows for my couch 
-Change the curtains in the front Room and Kitchen 
-Repaint my living room

-Get a New family room and Kitchen rug

Soooo... Red is here to stay, at least for now!!
BUT...the again if you know me well, you'll know that I do change my mind at times.

Hummm??  This post has got me questioning again... Ahhh!
I just might have to lose more sleep over this one,

I will let you know how I feel tomorrow!! (wink)


  1. Love your red and the way you use it as an accent with other colors. I don't think of your rooms as red, I just think of them as gorgeous and the red just accents all of your other furnishings and accessories. Stay with what you really like. Hugs, Marty

  2. Heidi, i love red...The blue is wonderful...but reds is just as wonderful! And when/ if you do decide to change it...It will be because it came to you (easily)...All good design does...come check out my red flowers I just added! Meme

  3. Well I think you've already got your plan (your list of changes you will make), and can just go from there. First, you may still have some red accents, but eventually you'll have your blue and greens. See, that wasn't so hard at all! ;)

  4. I am so glad you are keeping it.....You would not believe how your home has inspired me to make changes in my own. I have your dining room pic saved as a favorite....I love the red walls! I have the same table and chairs as yours, and I love the black and white with red. Your entire home is so beautiful, I find inspiration with every picture you post. I have actually bought a sample of 'bullfrog green' from Lowe's and plan on painting my little boy's room this summer! Stay true to what you love, because you do it so well!

  5. I am a red lover too. Blue is typically not my favorite color, but I have found that I'm liking it a lot more because it is so popular right now. But when I really think about it, I just like red more. I just love how rich and warm it is!

  6. I love red too - I'd like to do my kitchen with white cabinets and red paint like yours. Do you remember what the name of your red paint is? It's a great shade!

  7. The red is Bing Cherry from Porters Paint. I am not sure if they still make it. But I am sure they have something close!

  8. I remember that paint color! It's a perfect red. I think you are right to stay true to who you are. Your improvements sound fabulous. I can't wait to see what you do!!

  9. Whenever your ready to get rid of your bedroom curtains I'm still in the market!! Pretty Please!!!!

  10. Sorry sis..I think I might be going to the grave with those curtains :)

  11. I love your house how it is, but I know exactly how you feel about wanting to change. I feel the same way about my home- except instead of red, its "country" vs a more "modern" look. Its so hard for me to pass up a big dresser with chunky feet, but i'm starting to love clean lines more and more.

    Either way, your home is beautiful, whichever you choose!

  12. I've had the exact same thoughts! I have concluded that I can not live without red. It makes me happy. :)

    Your living room is gorgeous! Keep it.

  13. I have a red door as well! Red doors have some wonderful meanings in many different cultures -- a red door means "welcome', I think from early America; it symbolizes the mouth of the home in Fen Shui and draws positive "chi" energy to the home; Chinese consider red to be lucky; and, in Ireland a red door words off evil spirits and ghosts, just to name a few. Plus, it's always a bonus when giving directions to our home. Your home is beautiful!!! But, I definitely understand the need to change as I just order some new pillows and am getting the painting itch!

  14. Girl, I'm BRAND new to your blog but I've spent way too long paging through because I couldn't force myself to stop! You are so talented... so here's the thing- I'm totally with you, in that I LOVE red... but I also LOVE blue!! My entire bedroom is a soothing blue, gray, white, brown pallet. My kids bathroom is gray, blue, white... same deal. I just found a gorgeous printed fabric that has both blue and red (along with other colors like gold and green) and decided that pops of red are just so cheery and they go great WITH blue!! I bet you'll come up with something adorable based on what I've seen so far. Red is a classic. Thrilled to have stumbled upon your sweet blog.


  15. Sasha, Thank you soo much. Yes I also have been thinking of doing the red and blue thing. I would LOVE to see the fabric that you found. I am always looking for inspiration :)

    Thanks again,

  16. I have to tell you - I am the odd one out here in Florida. All of my neighbors are olive/red/gold/tuscan...and my house is all light blue, sand and seaglass green.

    I love your house. I especially love how cohesive it is from room to room - regardless of the color. The style of decor and furniture tie it all together beautifully - you have a great eye.

    I'm struggling merging my new husband's house with mine and have not reached that level of cohesiveness yet.

    Where did you find your fabulous furniture??

  17. Okay so you are going to kill me for this comment!... Red is actually my favorite color but it was major hot about six years ago and I've noticed that's its getting harder to decorate with. I know this because at one time EVERY room in my house actually had some sort of red in it from my kid’s red gingham shower curtain with sunshine walls to the red and olive kitchen with butter walls, farm accents and black table. I keep going back and forth too with getting rid of it (glad to know I'm not alone, you sound exactly like me).

    Anyway.... (here's the comment that I'm going to get stoned for) I can totally see a green and black thing going on. From what I can see from the pics the only things you would really have to part with would be the rooster pic and the frame above the mantle. Which could easily be painted another color. The rooster pic could even be trimmed down and modpodged on to a block of routed wood and hung from a ribbon. Of course the curtains would need to go but you already said you were you were going to do that. I can't see what shape your chairs are in but if they are in good shape painting your walls (and maybe doing black and green) would probably be a lot cheaper than redoing them. Especially since you were getting new curtains anyway...laughing here I have the same curtains (BHG?)

    Even if you don't change it I think it's beautiful but I'm all for the change.... something a little fresher....and when you are done come and help me figure out how to get rid of my red!

    Acutally I saw (before I found you blog) your bedroom curtians on country curtains and I have been thinking about doing my kitchen a sun-shiny yellow.

  18. Heidi, you're my hero. Once a month or so (ok- it's every 28 days) I pour through gorgeous design blogs and convince myself to banish all the butter and crimson. Then my 3 babes awake and distract me from the noble deed. By day 7 I'm relieved because I really do love the red. Ok, it's passé. My house is probably looking too old lady-ish for a gal who is only old enough to have voted for Clinton once. But it's comfy and I'm looking at some astronomical college bills. So, thank you for this post. For this month, you've helped me avoid my decorating dramas.
    For one creatively deprived mama- you've brought comfort. Thank you.

  19. Red is my favorite color and when I look at your house pictures I fell in love. I love how you have red mixed in here and there but its not too much. Go Red!

  20. AnonymousJune 06, 2011

    Heidi! I just came across your blog and I love it. As I read this post I thought I had actually written it myself. I am going through the same struggle as you. Thanks for your post and I look forward to seeing the updates!

  21. I love the red too! You have a beautiful home Heidi. I am kind of new to your blog and I really enjoy it.


  22. Your home is absolutely beautiful! I just stumbled upon your blog, I have already "pinned" you on Pinterest! :) I personally LOVE red...so much, my kitchen cabinets are red, island black. I recently had the same dilemma, to paint the walls or not to paint the walls. I was struggling with a sagey/olivie green color or a khaki type color. Walls were wheat colored. I took the gamble, went with the green. LOOOOVE THEM! So glad I did it. Any decision you make, it will be GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see more of your projects in the future, you give such great inspiration!

  23. Cakemama... I would LOVE to see a pic!! everyday I look at my walls wondering if I should paint!! PLEASE SEND ME some of your inspiration ;)


  24. AnonymousJuly 09, 2011

    Singing praises for you!!!!! I also went through this same thought process!!! I don't want to look out of fashion....but I LOVE color!!!! I realized after going I to restoration hardware..... I cannot live in gray!!!!!! I must have color!!!!

  25. Such a gorgeous kitchen! I'm with you...I LOVE red. But I also LOVE blue!! It is a toss up with me and my decorating schemes...I can never decide between them. So I often use blue AND red. hee hee

  26. L.O.V.E your kitchen! Not sure how I found your blog, but so glad I did! Beautiful!

    I originally pinned your page because of your kitchen table... where did you get it?? That's exactly what I am looking for!


  27. We all need to step away & consider things objectively -- I love your kitchen as it looks today -- it is beautiful & looks like a wonderful place for family time & a place that you can entertain. Love the red!

  28. Hi Heidi...your house is gorgeous. Would love to know where you purchased your living room curtains? Thank you!

  29. Awesome !! Do you mind sharing we you got your curtains from ??

  30. I am wondering where the arm chairs are from. Also, are they tan or green? Love your design style!

  31. I love the red wall in you kitchen... Well I love everything in your kitchen. I would love to see more photos of the Kitchen and the rest of your home. I am getting ready to remold a home and would love to have a kitchen just like your. Thanks for sharing. Thanks Sylvia@simplybeautifulvinyl.com

  32. Beautiful Kitchen and beautiful choice in red. There's a lot to admire in blog land and some things are for appreciation and not copying. I'm trying to find my way out of blue and brown land in my master bedroom right now.

    Your home is absolutely beautiful.

  33. You have an amazingly beautiful kitchen, I love everything about it. I especially love the pendant lighting and the chandelier above your dining room table! I have been looking something that I love forever, and this is IT!!!!! Please tell me where you found it. I would love to have one just like it. I am new to your blog, and you better believe I will be back so I can see what else you have going on! Thanks for being an inspiration!

  34. Your kitchen is amazingly beautiful! It is exactly how I would love my kitchen dining room to be! I am especially in love with your chandelier and pendents in the kitchen. I was curious as to where you found them. I am very picky when it comes to stuff and the chandelier fits my personality to a T. IN LOVE WITH IT! I am new to your blog, but I will be visiting it again! Thanks for all the inspiration!

    1. HI Sandie,
      The lighting I found a few years back when we built our home. It is from Troy lighting. I am not sure if they still offer it or not. I wish I had more on info for you. Hope that helps :)