Toy Closet..Take 2 if you know me even the tiniest little bit, you'll know I tend to change my mind about design projects all the time!  Why oh why do I get my BEST inspirations after the project has already begun?   

Anyway, with that being said...I was in the middle of painting the the toy closet when all of a sudden a light bulb moment happened.
As much as I LOVE my first inspiration, I believe I was more in love with the "IDEA" of it, than what would work BEST for the space.  

Due to the fact that the outside of the closet is a school house, I felt the inside needed to coincide with the outside. is my NEW idea.

Because I have a tiny, little toy closet with no windows and one little light, I ended up going a different direction with paint. I needed something more on the soft side so...
 I ended up using a lighter blue color from PBK

Sweet Bluette

(It's a very soft blue)


On the toy closet floor will go....

PBK Rug..I already own this one so SCORE!!
Money Saved ;)

For the toys, I decided to use darling locker boxes for storage. 
( lockers and school, I think we have a match here! ) 
I do have to say this was a HUGE splurge for me!!!  I usually DO NOT buy storage this pricey! 
But...I figured I would throw in a little bit of my own hard 
earned money, and called it a deal with the hubby! 

Here is what I ended up buying!

I'm super excited about these boxes!  They earn the title of "STINKIN' CUTE" which I only save for the best of the best cute things!!! 

 The TREE Mural...Here are a few of my ideas!!

( with Apples added...minus the Monkey! :) 

I am going to attempt to do the mural myself!
I had one priced out, and as much as I would LOVE a professional to paint the mural,
at this point my pennies are needed in other parts of the house.
We will see how great my artistic skills are?? 

What do you think...does it Scream School House to you?


  1. How Cute!! Now I just need my own house again to steal all your ideas!!

  2. I do love those little locker boxes for storage!! Check for help on murals too. I saw one the other day that was almost a paint by number type thing and was considerably less expensive than a professional. Can't wait to see your progress.

  3. Maybe you can inspire me to finish Jennie's room, I need to paint a mirror, a shelf and one more wall. Your work looks fab.

    You really need to see my Jennie's mural wall. Her trees are a little more modern than the ones you're looking to do, but they turned out so cute! Call before you come so I can snazz up the place :)