The Royal Wedding

YEP...I'm one of those CRAZY ones that will be getting up at 
3 AM to watch the Royal Wedding :)
 I don't know what it is... but I can't get enough of every little detail about this wedding!!

 Seriously...It's like I'm getting married all over again, that's  how excited I am!! 

In Honor of the big event 
I wanted to share some of my FAVORITE things concerning 
Will and Kate!

I highly considered buying this Ring...hehe

If I had a tea party, I would most definitely have these!!
Would you like one lump or two??

If you are going to take the time to BUY this then honestly... you REALLY do care!! 
Too Funny :)

I would have this room in my house permanently!!! 

Ok people..I think we are going a bit to far here!!!

And last..The wedding that will NEVER be! 
But I'm sure that buckingham palace will be rocking it once Kate and Willy's party begins!! 


  1. I think I commented on the wrong Oh well I hope you enjoyed the wedding as much as I did.

    PS I got the package thanks again :)

  2. Letti,
    So glad you got the package!! I have to admit, I cried a little durning the wedding hehe!! I guess I'm a bit sentimental! :) I'm such a dork!

  3. Didn't you love all the fun hats?? I didn't get up for it so I recorded it and guess what? My recording cut off right as she was stepping out of the car!! AHHHH!!! Guess I'll have to Youtube

  4. oh no you didn't post this, heidi! lol, so lame!! your post is cute but blah to the whole royal wedding! (:

    ps: just pin'd your boy's bedroom pic, i am beyond in love with it!!