It's Been one of "THOSE" days

Yesterday was one of "THOSE" days!!

You know “THOSE” days when it seems nothing goes right?  If you had lived my life yesterday, it would have gone something like this...

You wake up feeling kinda crummy after getting up 3 times in the middle of the night to tend to your 2-year-old, when you finally do get out of bed, you feel like you are carrying around an extra 5 pounds in water weight and to top it all off you over slept so you missed your gym class to TRY and get rid of that extra water weight, Aunt Flow is on her way, there is a HUGE cold sore on your face that you thought was a zit but turned into a nightmare sore, and days later when it wasn't getting better, you finally go to the skin doctor and they tell you that it's REALLY a cold sore on your face and that the only way it's going to go away is by taking medication, which goes to show that all those nights of putting toothpaste on the zit/cold sore did do you a bit of good! LOVELY... Aughhhhh!  
Wish I would have known that 5 days earlier instead of hiding out in fear that I would TRAUMATIZE people on the streets, THOUGH the blemish could have come in handy if it were Halloween instead of the current bi-polar season that is trying to decide if it’s spring or winter.  
Guess you could call it “S’winter”
ANYWAY.... shall we continue?

You have a thousand things on your TO DO list, the house is a mess from top to bottom, especially the kitchen where you are attempting a pantry makeover, your master bedroom is ripped apart, you have an “ah-ha” moment where you have come to the conclusion that you have WAY too many clothes that you never wear. No wonder they always end up on the floor.  You should have realized by now that trying them on time and time again is not going to give you a different result; they’re never going to make you look like Giselle in the VS magazine, right??.  Your 2-year-old was MORE naughty than you thought possible by flooding your master bathroom with an overflowing sink, destroying your FAVORITE eye shadow by digging his nails into it, then comes the diaper that exploded from the top of his neck all the way to the bottom of his feet…YUCK!!  
The Highlight of the naughtiness was when he microwaved his Zuzu pet, thus destroying the pet and the Microwave.  Let me tell you how awesome it was when smoke came billowing out and now we have the distinct smell of burnt Zuzu pet and electrical smoke flooding the house … FANTASTIC
Oh wait...It doesn't stop there!

When doing laundry you accidently dry your favorite jeans that once fit you, but now fits your 8-year-old daughter… deep breath :(
To top it all off... you had a house guest coming that night, and no food in the house. 
Your sweet hubby promised he would help prepare for their arrival and when the BIG day comes, he is too busy to help... aughhhh! 

So…my day consisted of a messy house, naughty children, imperfect skin, ugly clothes and broken appliances…to sum it all up only one word comes to mind…NORMAL! 
Yep... I hate to admit, I’m just a normal, everyday, out-of-her-mind, crazy busy Mom 
( I honestly do!!)'s been one of those days!

(Warning..These pictures are NOT staged!!)

 Yep...Even Meg's Agrees!

The start of the pantry nightmare!

The end of the day couldn't have come sooner!!


  1. I have a rule about clothes. I NEVER buy new hangers! If I want something new, I have to go home, sort through what I want to donate, find a free hanger, then, and only then am I allowed the new blouse or skirt or whatever. Hope that helps with your closet dilemma.

    Good to know you're normal, and thank goodness for scentsy to get rid of burnt zuzu smell... yuck!

    I didn't make it to Stacey's class either... from what I can tell, an elephant crawled into my ear and died. Anitbiotics should kill that monster. I'm planning on Zumba tomorrow morning though.

  2. Geepers! What a day! Hope your weekend goes a lot smoother. Ummmmm....if you really do get rid of any of your clothes or shoes, please let me be the first in line to buy them. Pretty please!!!

  3. So... I'm a little bit confused. Was Aunt Flo the weekend visitor that your hubby was supposed to be shopping for?!?:)

    Those little ones get into WAY too much trouble when we get projects going, don't they?

  4. I have a two year boy and I can sooooo relate!! Hope the weekend is better than this week! :)

  5. Your house still looks adorable even when it's messy! I totally understand. That is just our life isn't it? I hope you had a better day. :)

  6. The ZuZu pet portion SLAYED me...maybe it was the weather or the moon?
    My daughter ended the day with an abrasion on her cornea, my BATHROOM flooded because my 3 year old was giving Strawberry Shortcake a bath, my 13 mo. old had FOUR blowouts (one in the highchair that required that the pad be removed and sent to the laundry, two on the carpet which needed major scrubbing, and one in his bed that necessitated a complete stripping/washing). Oh! And the house I was hoping to purchase went 'pending' as our realtor was writing an offer for us. I have finished the day with the chant, "we're still alive, we're still alive!" ;) Glad to know we're all in this together, ha! These sorts of days make the smooth ones all the sweeter!

  7. Love, love, love your post! I laughed, it made me feel so normal. Thank you!

  8. Love this space here...I'm still laughing at all this.

  9. You are awesome and so real! Love your blog! Tomorrow's got to be better right!?

  10. Ha ha that is a funny day, the pictures make it Oh so much more real.

  11. oh my the zhu zhu pet in the microwave cracked me up. I have had several days like that and I am sure I will have many more. At least they come to an end :)

  12. Thanks for keeping it real! We all live crazy lives but want to make it seem like our lives are flawless and beautiful every day. Not so life is imperfectly beautiful.

  13. Thank you for this post! I hope you've had some better days since posting it. :-) It's a good reminder to all of us that we all experience days like this. Before I was a mom I don't think I would have understood . . . however, as a mom of 3 young kids . . . I totally get it!


  14. I'm still here and gosh I love your honesty and the pictures are HILARIOUS! You are so fun!

  15. Ha! "Real" life instead of "beautiful blogger" life can be so long did it take you to stage all of that :)

  16. Wow, I know my comment on your post is a few month late i was actually looking for a photo of your hair to see what the rollers look like....But I have to say I lovve this post!!! I often look at your lovely house and wish mine could look as good as yours I can see it actually does:) hugs