Motherhood and Toddlers

So, Guess what My hubby gave me for Valentines Day? 
(I know, I know... Valentines was a month ago, but life has been somewhat crazy around here!)

MOLD and New Carpet Pad!! Ahhhhhh!

  Confused??? Let me explain...

So, here I am, sitting at the hair dresser's with foils in my hair under the warm heater thinking to myself . . . sigh . . . Isn't life great? 
(Doesn't every woman feel great getting her hair done, or is that just me)?

Just then, I had a thought...I wonder how the kids are doing?? 
So, I walked over to my purse, dug through the mess and found my phone. 

My sweet Miss answered.. 

Missy: Hello

Me: Hey babe how are you guys doing?

Missy: MOM!!! the toilet is over flowing

Me:  WHAT?? Where's Dad?

Missy: I dunno

Me:  Ok...go and get the plunger

Missy: I did, the plunger isn't working

Me: Put the plunger right over the hole and really push hard!

Missy: OK...(hearing sounds of her workin' it)

Me: Is there a lot of water coming out?

Missy: YES! (almost in tears)

Me: OK, go and get all the towels you can find.

(Side note: little "B" is making his typical squeaking sounds of distress trying to help "M" in the background)

Missy: Ok, I got the towels (Frantic)

Me: Ok, I am going to call Shelly (Our neighbor)

Missy: Ok...but don't worry because "B" and I got our swimsuits on so our cloths wouldn't get wet!!!

Thinking to myself...WHAT IN THE WORLD??? 

My almost  9-year-old found the time to get on her swimsuit while the toilet bowl was  GUSHING water! 
I can so see her now trying to decide what color of suit to wear and double checking her hair before attempting the toilet problem! 
LOL...Oh my, what kinds of things am I teaching this girl??  I blame myself! :) haha  

I called Shelly and she was good enough to come over and check the situation. The hubs showed up moments later. But the question that still remains is.... "Where was " Mr. B"?" 

We didn't discover the magnitude of the water damage until days later... within 2 days Mr. B could smell the mold under the carpet. He had pull up all the carpet and ripped out all the padding and put new padding down almost the entire hallway and into the master bedroom and in the baby's room!
I was out of town, doing Mrs. Idaho stuff in Boise. So it was all up to the hubby to figure out the mess. Sorry Honey... but, where were you again???

I have to be honest...I was a little bit frustrated over the entire situation until I called my mom and told her the story.  She caught me off guard when she couldn't stop laughing about the part when the kids got into their swimsuits.  
At the time I didn't find it funny, but now a month later, when everything is finally back to normal, it is TRULY something to laugh about, and we do!!!  
Oh, the wo's of motherhood. I truly cherish every second!


  1. Classic....just classic! PLEASE tell me you got a picture of the kids in their suits with the toilet going bezzerk!

  2. Nina..I soooo wish I did, DANG!!
    I was at the hair dresser! that would have been the BEST PICTURE ever!!

  3. I can totally see that happen :) Thanks for the "mommy smile" :)

  4. That is definitely one of those experiences that we like to "LOOK BACK ON" and laugh. That is GREAT that the kids put their swimsuits on....I LOVE THAT!

  5. Hilarious. Quick thinking, right? And must have had a quick change too! So...where was your hubby??

  6. Hilarious!!! I love it!!! lol ;) Kids are so great!

  7. AnonymousMay 17, 2011

    Aloha, very cute story... So, where was Brett?? I was reading along getting ready to find out where he was? Anyway, great story to tell the kids when they bring home their dates. = )