Buying Custom Paint Colors

OK, so I'll admit, it's been a while since I picked up a brush and painted! I tend to shy away because painting is long, tedious and messy, but I do have to say when it's all done and you
step back . . voila . . . You have a MASTERPIECE!
I swore off painting a few years back when Brett and I painted the ENTIRE house from outside in, and top to bottom!  I remember going to the paint store and being so frustrated whenever I saw a paint that might work, but didn't want to buy a quart for a sample which would set me back 8-10 dollars. The worst part about the whole process is when I would spend the money and the paint was
TOTALLY the wrong color! aghhh!!  

I can't even tell you my JOY when I ran upon the sample size pints that Lowes carries.
You can pick any paint (including ALL Brands, Benjamin Moore, Columbia, etc).  All you need is the brand name and color and they will mix a sample for
ONLY. . . Drum roll please . . . $2.95!!!
 I was jumping up and down!!! I couldn't  be MORE excited!!

hmmm?! . . . It kind of makes me want to paint something :)


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