Play House Inspiration

OK...the moment of truth has come....
My inspiration for the 
inside of the Toy Closet!!!
minus the pink butterflies, I don't know how little B would feel about that :)

I do have to give credit where credit is do...The other day I was Blog surfing and I ran upon this darling blog Sixty-Fifth Ave 
She did a bedroom re-do using the same darling idea from Pottery Barn. 
Instead of paying the $100 per tree decal from PBK, she decided to paint the trees herself.
As I was reading her cute blog, I thought to myself..If she could do that, So could I!!!

So I got to is where I am in the process!!

I also have been thinking long and hard about storage solutions. If I had all the money in the world,  I would just head over to Pottery Barn and pick up what I needed, but since I don't, I had to come up with a MORE money-friendly solution!  I found what I was after at the ever faithful Tar-jay
I picked these up  for a collection of Pink, Green and Brown!
I also want to add a rug to the space, I have a couple of ideas. 

I thought maybe something like this?  What do you think...Does it give you a grass vive? 
hummm...I will have to think on this one some more!

Hopefully I should have this the toy closet done in the next two weeks?


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

You are so cute! And I'm loving the grass rug.
Can't wait to see how your room turns out!


Bobbi Jo said...

You are adorable. I am eagerly waiting to see the final results. TOO CUTE!! Love the rug. Did you get that at Tar-Jay too? Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Brittany said...

So darling....I have a couple of questions for you. I LOVE those little curtain rods you have in your living room with the red and white checked curtains on them...where did you get those? I also was wondering about beadboard and board and you do it on all four walls or is that too much? I LOVE THIS BLOG!

Heidi Parson said...

CRAZY thing is, I got the rods from walmart!! It was the best find ever. As as far as board and batten, I don't think there is EVER enough trim. I really like trim to fill the entire room. In my home I have some trim as an accent wall and other trim all the way around the room. I like mixing it up so that their is variety. Hope that helps. I will be doing a post on just trim in the near future.

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

So smart! We just got our offer accepted on a house that has an under the stairs closet that I'm planning on making toy central. Never would have thought to decorate in there...but duh! LJ deserves a fun play place :)

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