My Favorite Layering Top

Introducing my FAVORITE Under Tee of all time!!!
These are for EVERYDAY, and for me EVERY outfit!
They are even AMAZING when you are in the PREGO stage with a growing tummy! 
(which I am hoping to be soon, but with my might take awhile)!

Hapari T's

(BTW: do you recognize the model?   Yep, that's me :) . . .  In my DREAMS!!!
After having 3 kiddos, humm?? I might just have to keep on dreaming :)

In my world of clothing, modesty is key! I am always looking for under T's to modify outfits. 
With that being said, it DRIVES me CRAZY when I wear an under Tee that

#1 rides up and that I am ALWAYS tugging at or re-tucking in to my jeans. (Drives me Crazy!) 

#2 bunches and creates ugly lines under clothing. 
(Please tell me you know what I'm taking about)?? 
You know the tee shirt or tank top line that hits you right above the bootie? 
(Ahhh, I hate that!)
#3 adds one more, unneccessary layer (like full length T's) that creates added Heat and Bulk, ESPECIALLY during the warmer months.  

This Tee is perfect for sundresses, Spaghetti strap dresses, sleeveless shirts, low cut shirts,  sheer blouses, etc, etc...

I can't even tell you how much I LOVE this Fav! 


  1. What a great idea! I too am annoyed by under-tees at times.

  2. I saw these on their website & wondered if they would be comfy and cover enough or not. Thanks Heidi! :)

  3. Thank you!! I love the look of a tee under a top, but like you I hate tugging at it all day! I will checking out their site!

  4. Thanks! I didn't know these were available. I wish I knew about this with Allie! Now I will prepared for my next one!