Girl's Bedroom Textile Reveal

I LOVE trim...It is TRULY my weakness!  
I pretty much have it in EVERY room in my house and I just keep adding more:)
(Is there such a thing as TOO much trim?...I think NOT)! 

My cute hubby loves trim as much as I do, I'm the one that comes up with the CRAZY trim ideas and he's the one that trys to "understand" my vision and make it happen.  Trim work is his hobby. I do have to brag on him for a sec and say that I totally scored in the handy man department :)  Love ya babe!

We have MANY different types of trim throughout the house, so I figured I would have to break them up over a couple of different posts.
Let's start with the basement...first stop

The Girly Room!

When starting out, you need to decide if you want to cover the main wall with sheet rock or 1/4" MDF board.  The MDF costs more, but is so worth it if you don't want to spend the time plastering your sheet rock to give it a smooth finish.  Most wall textures are an egg shell finish.
We made sure NOT to texture the walls and left them PERFECTLY smooth, no texture, so we could use it as the canvas for trim work. You really save A LOT time and money not having to buy big sheets of flat 1/4 inch board to achieve that smooth trim appearance.

Here is how we did it...

The Main Wall

Supplies we used..
Crown Molding 
1x4 inch MDF board
1x6 inch MDF for baseboards
decorative trim...used to trim the inner squares
and of course wood glue, pneumatic air gun, and lots filling holes sanding.

Without the paint, it is easy to see the steps we did to accomplish the look. It is easy to see the bare wall at this point. Pretty much all we did was frame the entire wall out with MDF boards and created the pattern we wanted. Next came cutting the decorative trim to each and every square.

Stacked Crown

I LOVE stacked crown! Ohhhh it just gives me goose bums. This is sooo easy to do and saves you so much money than having to buy it as one piece.
What Brett did to accomplish this look was first nailing the MDF board and then placing the crown over the top tip of the MDF board, lastly adding the decorative piece of trim at the bottom.

When the trim is painted it looks seamless, check it out below!

(Notice the blue paint..YES, I have painted  since the last picture..But that's a entirely different story :)
Here is the Room all done ready to be painted...
Here is the room once it was Sprayed white and painted pink..
(  Pink Paint... Sea Shell by Laura Ashley and the chandelier is from Pottery Barn Kids )
One last look at the room...
You can Sooooo do this if you're up for the challenge!
Happy Trimming!


  1. Where did you get her chandelier? I love your work!

  2. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! I love it! It's such a wonderful room. The trim is perfect and the bed is amazing! Great job

  3. LLLOOOVVVEE it, keep the molding tips coming

  4. P.S. what did you use for base boards?

  5. Heidi I LOVE this! You are so talented! Where is the chandelier from?

  6. Hey all..
    I bought the chandelier from pottery barn a few years back, it was called the Mia. I think you can get it off of ebay??

    The baseboards are 1x6 MDF boards! I LOVE MDF
    Hope that helps!!

  7. Just found your beautiful blog today. I'm in love with all of the trim work you do and the gorgeous furniture. Did you make your beds? If not, please tell where to find them. :)

  8. Oooohhhh...pretty! Love the chandy!! :)

  9. Just found your blog today, courtesy of Layla! Love all the rooms you and your hubby have done. Megan's room turned out so very beautiful. Love all the trim, a little girls dream room!

  10. AnonymousMay 17, 2011

    I found this blog through the Lettered Cottage and I love your bed. Is the headboard/footboard new? If so, can you share where you purchased it? Also, I noticed the white matelasse/quilts were different from one picture to the next. Are they both from T.J. Maxx?

    Love the whole picture.

  11. Dear Anonymous :)

    Yes, The bed is new! I bought it from one of my ALL TIME favorite furniture stores. Their stuff is some what pricey, BUT I found this bed for 50% off YAY!!! yes, I did get both coverlets from TJ maxx! Honestly, that is the ONLY place I go for duvet covers, coverts and pillow inserts!!
    Hope that helps!!!
    Email me anytime with questions :)

  12. AnonymousJune 04, 2011

    Beautiful job. Im looking for trim ideas for a basement rec room theatre and your work is inspiring. Thanks for the photos and info. -Erwin-

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  14. Beautiful! love the sconces too...a way to change out the textured ceiling if interested is with pressed tin or tin look panels, possibly painted white, as it is, it's beautiful! Sally

  15. That room is probably the most fabulous thing I've seen in ages.