DIY Cost Efficient Bathroom

The JOY of finishing a bathroom! 
I swear, we were more frustrated finishing our bathroom than we were finishing the
  ENTIRE basement!
But . . . in the end, it's NOW one of my favorite rooms in the house!!!

Here is the room during the RAW stages of the process.
This is when you'd feel like you'll NEVER finish the room.
Before we had the cabinet company install, we had a few prep things we had to do. 

Do you remember the planks from the play house? Yep . . . we used the same recycled old barn planks in the bathroom. This point of the process is painful and sooo not pretty! aghh 
But, I had HOPE :) 


ahhh...Much Better!!
 It took a awhile to sand and fill all the holes in the wood planks. 
Doesn't All the white walls look amazing!
 The green cabinet really pops against the white walls.

And Here my friends 
is the finished project! 
 One of my MOST favorite lighting tips is using outdoor lights INSIDE
The lights I used in the bathroom are some brushed nickel outdoor lights that I picked up from Lowe's. 
They had the price tag of about $15.00 a light. 
Can't beat that :)
I also bought all my hardware from Ebay. You honestly save half the price per nob!

And for my last 2 tips of the day..Tile!! :) 

Tile to me is pretty boring, so I try to make it as creative as I possible can. (while staying in my budget :) I didn't want to invest a lot of money into the basement tile, so I just bought your basic 13x13 square tile, but instead of laying it in the normal tile pattern I asked my Sweet hubby to off set each tile.
I think it really makes a difference!

Here is a fun way to have the illusion of a Full tiled shower. 
By only tiling the upper part of the wall and using a more cost efficient insert. you get a high price upscale look for pennies compared!! 

Here is the shower with the curtain closed!
You would NEVER know there was an insert behind there :)

Keep checking back for a new post on how to DECORATE an 
ALL white bathroom like this one!! 


  1. Did you use granite in your basement or is it formica? Looks awesome!

  2. Stacy,
    Hey..Nope it isn't Granite..I WISH!!!
    My FAVORITE Formica brand laminate is 7734 Jamocha Granite and 7732 Butterum Granite. I used the Butterum in the bathroom and the Jamocha in my kitchen. I LOVE them!!

  3. Just like your other rooms, Heidi...beautiful!

  4. Who did the cabinets?
    Love them!!!!!!

  5. Who did your cabinets? What color are they? I love them!

  6. Hi Stephanie,
    The color was an olive green color my cabinet guy had, and I used a glaze to make it look more distressed. KVO cabinets in Idaho Falls did the cabinet. If you are local and need some work done, I could totally hook you up!! ;)

  7. Where did you get the brick inserts? I love them!! Email me and please let me know. thanks

  8. Please share the info on the stone above shower (inserts or real stone). Are they thick(1" thick or panel to cut)? I really like the look & update! Thanks

  9. What is the brick over the shower

  10. Would you please let me know how you did the brick over the top of the tub? I love this look. I can't find the posting that has the instructions.

  11. I could not find the instructions for the brick around the tub. I love this look, will you please share the information on how to do this project? Thanks.