Bathroom Decor

Remember this Room??
Here is the  GRAND REVEAL of the kids Bathroom!!
If you haven't noticed by now, I kind of have an addiction to green and yellow! 
(Not sure if this is a good or bad thing??

Here is how I added color to the space...TOWELS!!! 

( Towels that are TOTALLY off limits to the kiddos :)
Towels: Pottery Barn (downeast)
Benches: Target
Rug: I have owned for 5 years! Pottery Barn (ebay) 
Shower Curtain: Pottery Barn Kids (ebay)
Hooks: Porters crafts ( 1 of 2 crafts store in town.. ahhhh)!!
Clock: Tai Pan -SLC

Here are some other ways I added color!!

Cute Hook-Usually has a hand towel on it! :)

I found this AWESOME picture from Tar-jay. 
It is from one of my FAVORITE artists RODNEY WHITE

I'm Loving this Space!


  1. Great space - clean, fresh and so rich looking. Thanks for providing your resources too!

  2. Where did you purchase your beadboard from? I really like the width of have a beautiful home! Thanks

    Are you in Utah?

  3. April, I live in idaho. I like to go to Contractors Supply stores like BMC. I think the quality of wood is way better quality then Lowes or Home Depot!!

  4. Heidi, thanks so much for the info...your home is gorgeous!!!!

  5. Super cute space! Love the cabinets. I am your newest follower!:)

  6. cropping_queenSeptember 25, 2011

    Where did you get the cabinets??.....I adore them!

  7. Nice Design. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. awe beautiful, just happened upon this on Pinterest....some other pics but found this cute!

  9. Love the bathroom. How did you do the paneling wall treatment? Is it a paneling or individual boards?

  10. Love this bathroom. Can you tell me more about the paneling. Is it sheets of paneling or individual boards? How was it installed?

    1. HI, The trim is Old wood planks that we rescued from an old barn. But I know that some building supply stores carry wood planks. How we installed it was just fit it together like tongue and groove and nailed it to the wall. Hope that helps :)