How To Keep A House Clean With Children

Without these 5 Household items I would NOT Survive 
Motherhood with these Three cute faces!!! 

#1 Carpet Rake
HONESTLY..I would go CRAZY without this rake!!! I LOVE my shag carpet, but it drives me CRAZY how after seconds of vacuuming it mattes down ( especially on the stairs....ahhhhh!!!) 
This rake has saved my sanity so I don't have to vacuum everyday. With one swoop, it fluffs up the carpet and even builds my arm muscles BONUS!!! :) 

(this puppy will only put you back around $15.00 bucks. I found mine at my local carpet cleaning store!)

#2 Febreze
I am pretty much addicted to this stuff. I use in EVERYWHERE in my house including on my sheets every morning when I make the bed. it just makes everything better! Wouldn't you agree? ;)

#3 High Capacity Washer and Dryer

Before I got these beauties I was a SLAVE to my laundry! These were not cheap, but in my book worth EVERY penny!!
Just yesterday I did a load of towels. 15 to be exact!

#4 Magic Eraser
As much as I LOVE my white trim, it does require some extra cleaning. Without my BEST FRIEND (Mr. Clean magic Eraser) my house wouldn't be the same!
Thank you bald man in a little box!!

#5 Clorox Wipes
Ok, Ok..So I am a bit of a germ FREAK! I make my kids wash their hands the MOMENT they walk in my door. During my daily routine, it can be a pain to grab a wet rag and a cleaning bottle when just maintaining. These awesome wipes save me soooo much time cleaning off counter tops and touching up toilets.

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  1. I love lists of favorite things. It is so much easier to trust a list of favorite products from a "Real Mom" rather than magazines or bloggers who are sent more products than they could ever effectively review. Love it!

  2. Thank you fo all the great tips!

  3. Great the rake...I have never heard of that??? :) and the magic eraser...:) Love them! I want #3 sooo much...:)but be careful with the isnt good to sniff too much of that stuff...though I love it...i am careful with what I add into our home...I try and use natural fresheners as much as possible...but it is just a thought...especially on the kids sheets...