Pizza Recipe For Dinner

OK...I am ULTRA excited to share this recipe with you all!!  

I am NOT kidding when I tell you that you will NEVER again eat Dominos Pizza or any pizza for that matter after you eat this.  I fed this meal to my parents and my dad said this was honestly the BEST Pizza he had ever eaten . . . sigh. . . Thanks DAD :)

Click below for Recipe!

Sounds CRAZY but you have GOT to Try THIS!!!

Tip..Being the CRAZY Mother of 3 that I am and usually not thinking about dinner until after 5, I am always in need of short cuts to a quick meal. So, here are some tips to make life a little easier:

#1- Buy your crust already made at Papa Murphy's! I Do this all the time, you get instant homemade yummy crust for $2.00... can't beat that!

#2- I like my pizza crust thin. I can make 4 pizzas out of one Papa Murphy's crust. So again, your dollar goes a LONG way!!
 (You can also Freeze the crust for later)

#3- If you are making a regular red sauce pizza, skip your typical pizza sauce and grab a can of diced tomatoes, fresh garlic, a little bit of fresh parmesan and BLEND!
Voila..Yummy Fresh Pizza sauce! 

P.S. I also have decided to CHANGE my Friday's title.  As much as I LOVE to eat, I think in the near future I just might run out of recipes that I REALLY love and HONESTLY, I tend to recycle recipes often and I'm really not THAT adventurous so, in the future it will be a mix of recipes and some of my FAVORITE things I am loving at that moment. Hope this is ok with everyone :)


  1. Lovin' the blog already! You are awesome!

  2. sounds delish! little confused about the recipe... wheres the arugula? What size dough do you order? can't wait to make this!

  3. Hey Jan.. Just click on the word Arugula and it you will link you to this AMAZING Pizza recipe! Good far as what size of Pizza dough to order. That is up to you. I get the LARGEST size they have and than make 4 smaller pizza's out of it.