February Already???

WOW..What happend to me since Christmas??... Geezz!! When did Life get so Crazy!!
I promised the New Year would bring NEW and exciting Projects.
I wanted to show you the BEGINNINGS of my Office. Yep..Pretty much an empty room with a desk. Ok... so this isn't REALLY what the office looks like at the VERY moment..But I wanted to show you the WAY "BEFORE" so the AFTER is that much more dramatic ;)The favorite part my office is the Desk. I worked with my cabinet guy designing the shape.My Husband owns a Design Company called Direction Marketing 
He works from home ( which I love) But, I had to come up with a work space for the Both of us.  I designed this desk so we could work on both ends of it. 
It works out GREAT! Our lap tops are back to back. 
It's awesome way to spend the day, staring in the eyes of the man you love, While sporting his unmentionables..haha 
~Maybe not the  fairytale, but hey it works!~

I am the MOST excited about what I have planned for the walls. 
You're going to DIE! Very exciting!


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