DIY Curtains

I am SUPER excited to share this little tutorial with you today! 
I have shared this trick with a number of friends over the years, I hope you love it as much as they have.

First things first... Supplies!!!
~A wire hanger or long stick with hook

~Ribbon or thick string
(I always like to use ribbon that matches closely with the curtain I am working with) 



OK, here's an example of a typical curtain. 
When I first started my journey of decorating it would DRIVE me CRAZY that one side of my curtain would gather and the other side looked flat and lifeless! ughh!! 
So I came up with this easy solution. 
It might be somewhat simpleton, but it works for me.



{Step #1}
Take your curtain panel and lay it on its backside

{Step #2}
Find an old wire hanger or long stick with a hook, Anything that you can attach your  ribbon or string to.  

(In the Picture I have used a wired hanger that I straightened. I attached ribbon and left the hook  at the end
so the ribbon wouldn't slide off)

{Step #3}
Thread the ribbon through the open tab
(Tip...make sure you have plenty of extra ribbon on BOTH sides)

{Step #4} 
Tie the ends of the ribbon together 

{Step #5} 
It's finally time to add the rod. 
Keep the ribbon tied together when you are doing this. 
(It might be a tight squeeze!)

{Step #6}
Voila...hang your curtain rod and you're done!! 
I love this little trick because you never have to fuss with your curtains ever again! 
They stay PERFECTLY gathered all the time. 

 Just one more thing that makes life a little easier! :)


  1. That's about half GENIUS!!! I have this problem with my dining room curtains and have often wondered what I could do to keep them from moving. Thanks for the tip!!! :D

  2. Love these kinds of tips...the ones that aren't really necessary but makes life more enjoyable with less irritations.

  3. OK, are amazing!!!!!!!!! I will definitely be doing this with my living/dining room curtains!!! I can't tell you how many times during the day I pull that "flat side" back just to have it looked gathered...even if for only a few seconds...;) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! Smarty pants...;)

  4. How funny, Just today I was looking at my curtains getting so frustrated wondering what to do, then I opened your blog and here in my answer! Thanks!!

  5. Who would have thought??? Thanks so much for such a great design idea!

  6. What a fantastic tip! Love it!

  7. What a great tip! Thanks!

  8. I have a few wire hangers here calling my name. Putting this tip into action.

  9. AnonymousMay 16, 2011

    OH MY WORD! This is fantastic!!! Ok, I am sooo going to do this with my curtains I just hung - thank you! I'm putting this awesome tip in my sidebar too, it's a keeper!!

  10. is official...I love this blog...great ideas and inspiration...:) I hate when curtains do that...Ugh!! You solved a horrible decorating dilemma...Brilliant!

  11. where are your gold and white curtains from? i need some just like that to finish my family room!

  12. Mrs. Smith :)
    I bought these curtains almost 4 years ago at liens and Things. ( when they were still in business ) Darn..But I have seen some in others places like EBAY!! hope that helps

  13. Oh my gosh, I love this idea!! I am going to have to do this.. as soon as I get new shades for my bedroom window.

  14. I forgot to say, I was perusing your blog.. you have a BEAUTIFUL home!!!

  15. Brilliant! I love a hint like is filed in my head for passing on to others. Great thinking and thanks for passing it along.