Christmas Decorating

It's Beginning to Look A LOT like Christmas!! I LOVE this time of YEAR!! I added the Darling Ballard Design Stocking to the Mantle this Year. 
The animal print Ruffle adds that conversation piece or "FLAIR" as I like to call it. 
Tip...Every good Design needs a little bit Flair;)

Under the Greenery I used White lights w/ white cords. You notice the Glow of the lights and Greenery more than the Ugly cords!
I am wanting to replace the Big Silver ball, I just might have to make a Three hour trip to Pottery Barn..haha, Wishful thinking!

Cute Magnet Craft

We have all seen these cute glass magnets, But I thought I would resurrect the idea and give them as Christmas gifts.  I wanted the presentation to be fun ( Honestly..Isn't it really all about the Presentation always?) So, I went to my local heating and cooling guy and asked if he had any scrap pieces of metal he would be willing to cut and sale for me cheap.  
He did, so I ended up with 20 metal squares for "FREE" 
I think the metal adds a lot to the look!

Tip..You can use the same heating and cooling guy to create those cute metal signs that you see around these days. 
All it takes is a broad, a piece of metal,  flat ruffing nails, and vinyl. ENJOY :)

DIY Christmas Garland

Phew...Christmas Decorating is DONE!! ( At least at my house!) It's not even December and I have already decorated 3 mantles, 4 Trees and on Monday, I'm headed out to do another Christmas Tree for a client. It 's already been a VERY eventful Holiday season :)
Here on the home front I've spent a little time updating Christmas.

Out with the Old and in with the new.... Old Garland that is!
I FINALLY have gotten rid of ALL my old piney garland And have moved on to

I am loving my new boxwood garland! I have been eyeing it for the past 3 years from Ballard Design, but it wasn't until this year when Pottery Barn introduced their lighted boxwood garland that I knew the time had come and I had to have it. Then I looked at the price..$69.00 for ONE 5 foot garland??.... ARE YOU KIDDING ME....Ughh! 

I LOVE you Pottery Barn, But not at that price. At that very moment I had an Idea. I jumped in the car and headed to Porters ( One of Two craft store in my city!)
(All you Utah Girls should be feeling bad for me right about now!!)

I walked over to the floral section and what did I find?
Boxwood garland!! The BEST part, they were on SALE $6.69 originally $8.99

The only problem was, they were a bit to thin. But, I had an idea!! I wired 2 -5 foot garlands together stringing the lights in between. And Poof... The perfect Boxwood Garland!!

I used 6 garlands which equaled 15 feet plus ONE box of 100 white lights
GRAND TOTAL ...$43.00 and a few pennies.
(Truly a Christmas Miracle... wink!)