Halloween & Super Hero's

Baptism Day

"M"s big Day was Super exciting for us since she's our first and everything :) 
I had fun planning the after party. Here are just a few things I did.
The theme for her baptism was 
"Sweet is the Day"

Water Bottle Labels

Water Bottles :)

 Here is The Design concept for the announcements. 
I used  two separate  cards that I ended up attaching with ribbon to a lollypop!
They turned out really cute :)

I added some Chinese Lanterns for a little color.

I wish I could have done more her brunch, But I had just gotten back from a week stay in Arizona and I was rushing at the last second to get everything together! 
Even though everything was very last minute,  it was an amazing experience that I will always remember!

Old Pictures..New Discoveries

I just organized my Hard Drive and Look what I found...
Old pictures of rooms in our home and also Pictures of old Design jobs I did a year or so ago!! 

I do have to say, AFTER 2 some years the nursery and the hall bathroom are still some of my favorite rooms in the house.

I am SUPER excited about this upcoming year, I have "BIG Plans" and a list a mile long of "HONEY DO's" 
It's time to get serious PEOPLE :) 

I have BIG plans for the Hall Way, Landry room, The girly Room, Office,and Pantry
PHEW... it's going to be a eventful year ;) 
No worries, I will keep you posted step by step!

 I worked on this project about 2 years ago. I am sure at this point the house looks totally different! The wonderful lady I helped has amazing style and taste of her own!!
Love this room!
 We used the same bedding I have in my home. 
I am addicted to Toile!!! 
( But you already knew that)

This room started out with Yellow walls and patchwork bedding! 
I wish I had a before shot.  I LOVED working on this project!!
 Brought me back to my childhood!! 
Oh wait..I never had a room like this when I was a little??  
Where were you Pottery Barn Kids When I needed you in the 1970's??

Don't you just LOVE the Zebra Bench?? It's what I call the "Flair" piece
( I'm all about a little flair :) 
I'm really big in to Zebra and Animal Print these days.. 
Loved looking through old pictures!!! 
Hopefully I find more to share in my digging :)

All About our baby girl

 I admit...I'm a SUCKER for photography!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pictures!
I was super excited when "M" turned 8. That meant for another Photo shoot. YAY!!
(Here are just a few of the pictures we captured)