Baby Room's

I've been working on "B" Nursery again! I painted our little girls room from green to a Soft blue....Ahhh! Can't you just FEEL the relaxation. 
It has been fun being able to decorate a nursery again after so many years. The rooms upstairs are not large!
We are talking 10x10 people! 
So, I had to get CREATIVE!  This Armoire was first "M" baby closet, next it turned onto the place that held the kids t.v. NOW...With a Little help from my Handy Man. It is "B" Changing table! AMAZING ;)   
This piece has been with us a LONG time! So glad to keep it in the Family!

( You would never know there is a changing table inside :)

Baby Boy Announcement

Here are baby "B"s  Baby Announcements! I think they turned out so chic.. I kind of went off the of the theme of his nursery. Soft and sweet! When you think of "BOY" remember it doesn't always have to mean trucks or sports.
 I had these cards printed in a Pearl Finish. Publish Post
Tip...When You are designing custom cards remember, there are far more choices in the printing than just flat and gloss.You just have to do a little research!