Decorating Christmas Trees

Each Christmas season, I love the challenge of decorating a Christmas Tree! 

I always like to try new and different things every Holiday. Today, I am going to share all the fun colors and themes I have tried over the years. Hopefully it will give a bit of inspiration for everyone when you start to decorate your own tree :)  

I always start with extra large and colorful bulbs as my foundation. It offers balance, size and interest :)  personally my favorite kind of  decorated trees are more of a collection of interesting ornaments that don't necessarily repeat each other. I like to see something unique as I peek at every branch. 
This is why I LOVE to collect interesting things year after year.

After years of trying all sorts of different looks, in the end...I've decided I am going to stay with the traditional Reds, Whites and Silvers as seen in this year's 

Better Homes and Garden magazine. To me it feels the most like Christmas and is true to who I am and the style I want to represent. 

This tree is full of all the things I personally love. If you grab a copy of the 

BHG Christmas Ideas Magazine 2017 be sure and read the article. It's a super fun read! The writer is so witty and she is a pro at creative wording. It was a lot of fun to be interviewed.

If you click on the trees' names below, it will take you to each tree:

I also wrote a blog post last year of all my trees in a lot more detail  SEE HERE

Home By Heidi-Design Collection Shop

I am THRILLED to finally announce my NEW Online Store

It's been a long time coming, and I know I am a bit late for the month of December, but I say better late then never. And good things come to those who wait. ;)

Over the next few months, I will be prepping my shop for the upcoming 
Spring/Summer collection. So Watch for that! In the meantime, grab some Christmas decor pieces for this season or be super prepared for next Christmas! Make sure you have what you need on hand:)

The few items I am selling, are things I personal Love and have featured in my home. Heidi Approved for sure!!!   Most of the decor, like the Big round Bulbs and Snow Balls and Striped Stockings, were featured on My Better Homes and Gardens tree.

And let's not forget the Birch Sticks, my personal favorite decor piece.  See them styled HERE

Go ahead and Shop away...I just know you will LOVE everything you see!!!

Here is a Sneak Peek!