Springtime in Paris

When I saw that Michael's was hosting a new contest with the theme Springtime in Paris I just knew I had to enter! What could be more romantic than Paris in the Spring!?!? I was just in London this past week. We ALMOST went to Paris, But my Hubby and I decided that we wanted to enjoy Paris by spending much longer than we had time.  We also can take advantage of his French speaking skills . . . though he gave us a preview in London as there were many French people in London. We are hoping to plan another trip next Spring!

Though I have never been to Paris I can ONLY imagine what it might be like.  
With the submitted picture I had to share WHY I wanted to go to Paris, this is what I said. 

I have often dreamt of visiting Paris and each time the visual landscape is of spring.  I imagine the streets to be lined with pink, budded blossoms and flower shops on every corner.  The air would be filled with a fragrant mixture of fresh baguettes and the recently fallen rain. I can’t think of anything more romantic than taking my husband to the City of Lights to fall in love all over again.  He speaks French and I just know we would eat up every last ounce of what Paris has to offer.  Socializing with the natives while exploring quaint restaurants that serve an unforgettable palette, and finally pausing a moment to soak in the music of La Vie En Rose as it plays through the streets of Paris. Paris would be indisputably enchanting . . . or as the French would say, “Enchanté.”

I had a lot of fun staging this Paris inspired picture! 

Bedroom Makeover For Under $50

This years Color of the year is Shape-Shifting Coral (Better Homes & Garden) I didn't want to miss out on this FUN color! So for less then $50 I was able to transform my bedroom! 
I just LOVE all the fun, colorful items popping all over the Target shelves. 
They always seem to be right on POINT! 

Saint Patricks Day Printable

Happy March!!! I LOVE March!!!  
It reminds me that spring is on its way. I just adore spring and summer! I am so looking forward to the next few months. Lots of things are on my calendar. I am one that likes to stay busy and active; 
I am not very productive if I don't have a goal I am working towards:)  
Seeing that it is March and Saint Patty’s is not too far away, I thought it would be fun to share a simple craft and printable.  I found these darling jar at Target. I spray painted the lid gold and filled it with Dollar Spot coins, then added the cute printable, some scrapbook paper, and a green ribbon.  Easy and simple! 

I now have something special to give my daughter as she heads to a National Dance competition next week.  I tell you…my kids TRULY are my lucky charms! Pure gold in my eyes!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day...Sending lots of LUCK your way!