Deck the Halls GIVEAWAY

Christmas is almost here and one of the BEST parts of Christmas is DECORATING!!! 
Today I am teaming up with Peter Pyper and their darling shop
We have been on the hunt for the cutest seasonal decor at all our favorite shopping shops. We went shopping and hand-picked the best of the Best decor of the Best of the season for all our friends out there! I guess you could say everything you see is "Heidi approved" and Guess what...We are giving it away to one lucky winner!!

Here is a peek of what is up for grabs!

Everything in the tray is part of the GIVEAWAY! Everything else is FOR SALE over at Peter Pyper! The winner GETS to Choose the prize they want!

1.The Weathered Tray- I own this same tray, and it is one of my PERSONAL favorite items. I use it all year long! It's HUGE and I know you will LOVE it!!

2. Tall and Short Birch Trees- Birch is all the rage this season. I just love these batter- operated trees. One stands 15 inches High and the other 20 high. They add that touch of magic in your Christmas decorating

3. The Owl-This little critter is adorable! Perfect touch for your Christmas decor. 
My kids were going crazy over how cute he is!

Here is what you need to do...

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3...Comment below and tell us what decor piece you want in your home?

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giveaway runs from saturday Nov. 20th-Nov. 26th

Kids Thanksgiving Printable... Take Two

I shared this printable last year. But it was just to cute to pass up for this year! 
Its a perfect activity to give the kids when the food preparation is in full force.
I am LOVING all the fun Thanksgiving happiness going on around me! 
 Here is a recap of my 2014 Thanksgiving table (see HERE if you missed it)! 
I plan on being SUPER busy on the BIG turkey day ... as well as a few days before;)
 Entertaining the kids is a MUST!!!

Today I am sharing a 
Kids Thanksgiving Printable

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

1. FILLER - Picks, berries, sprigs anything you love to add interest and variety- scatter throughout the tree

2. THE BIG STUFF - Fill in the tree with the largest Items you want on the tree…Huge Bulbs, Décor, Signs, etc. Use wire or heavy branches to help them stay in the tree. Don’t be afraid to push these items deep into the tree. Bend branches or use wire to hold them in place. 
3. GROUPS - Group the Ornaments. This step creates interest. Wire 2-3 ornaments together. Be aware of color, pattern and size. Layer these towards the middle and outside of the tree branches.

4. RIBBON - Decide on your ribbon style. My personal favorite is 3 loops with long tails or looping the ribbon in and out vertically.

5. FINISH - Finish the tree with your remaining Ornaments.  Use single ornaments to fill in the empty spaces and be sure and add Ornaments to the tips of the tree.

6. BLANKET or BUCKET - Use a throw blanket as a tree skirts. Tree skirts can look a bit flat. You can gather and fold to create interest on the floor with a pretty blanket. You are also not limited to size, texture and color. Any throw or blanket will work.  Another Tree skirt option is a Bucket or tree Collar.

Tips and Tricks

~Start with a theme or color scheme
~It’s the order in which you apply layers of the tree décor that makes all the difference
~Look at Blogs or Pinterest, even your local Christmas tree show for ideas and inspiration.
~Go to the décor store with an idea of the direction you want to go with the tree, or you might find yourself with money spent and not a lot to show for it
~Be creative…think outside the box. Repurpose items around your house that would go along with your theme
~Don’t get caught up with perfection, or feeling like you’re doing it wrong. Step away if you get frustrated. You might see things differently with fresh eyes. One of my favorite quotes: “A Beautiful Thing is Never Perfect”
~Wire is your best friend!
~Don’t be afraid to do nontraditional colors. (One of my all time favorite Christmas trees was a black and white one)
~If  you want to change the look or color scheme of your tree. Do it with ribbon. Ribbon can be a huge impact and for the most part less expensive then starting over with ornaments. Pick Ribbon that you LOVE no matter the color or style or what’s trending. Stay Basic with the other elements of your tree.
~Collect items year to year! Shop discount stores like Home goods and TJ Maxx. Also check out after Christmas sales (those are the BEST). Christmas Tree Ornaments can be PRICEY! Pick a foundation color that you want to use year after year.  Mine is silver and Mercury glass. These colors look great with any color scheme. So you can change easily from year to year.
~If you use the Ornaments and ribbon one year, but want a different look the following year, just change the direction of your ribbon. It will feel like a fresh tree!
~I quick trick on how to freshen up an older tree without the expense of a brand new tree, is use filler picks/branches (With a frosted pick or branch you can add that flocked element easily and inexpensively)