Captain America Birthday Party

My little Boy LOVES all things Super Hero! Captain America is by far his favorite! 

His birthday is the very beginning of January so after months of food, parties and all the festivities between Thanksgiving and New Years,  by the first of January I am overly sugared and a bit partied out. 

BUT... I always try to make my kids' birthdays special, so I whipped this party together with things I already had on hand. I constructed a banner with my extra scrapbook paper. Bought a few things at the food store for a super hero drink (Found on Pinterest) and had my local bakery make this cake for only $11.99! You can't beat that!!! 

I used my kids' Pottery Barn table as a display. It was super easy and turned out really cute and honestly, he didn't know the difference between a party I spent hours on vs. minutes. 
All kids really  want are to feel special! He was thrilled when he walked in the door! 

Happy Birthday Blake!

{Master Closet Reveal)

This was a post I did a year or so again! But I have been working on all the fun details in my closet (Which I will post SOON) In the meantime I thought this would be fun to post again! 

Phew. . . I have been working on my Master Closet in what seems like FOREVER!
I am so HAPPY to finally have it done!!! YAY!!!

Here are all the fun BEFORE and AFTER pictures!
I can't believe the difference wallpaper made to such a simple, not so pretty space! Now I feel happy every time I need something from my closet. Its interesting to notice how often I walk into this little corner of my home. Some of you might wonder why I would spend time and money in a space that nobody sees. I have always had the policy that "It's the little things that make life so special" I love to have bits a beauty all around me, to fully enjoy it for myself and not for others.  Am I worried about resale …NOPE… I say Live in the moment, do what makes you happy now! Why waste any time loving the space you're in :)

For those of you that are interested in the paper I used… you will find it HERE!

Wallpaper Warehouse has the best prices around! Their customer service is also AMAZING. I had to exchange one of my wallpaper rolls. I was beyond impressed how they took care of me and my slight hiccup!
 Here is more info about their their GREAT company! I found it very interesting!  

Ok…on to the FUN STUFF!! 
My closet before was PRETTY boring. Standard you would say...

I walked straight into a LONG double bar of clothing! And even less appealing was the top of my shelf! It ended up becoming a place for all my random shoes and misc items!
As I gave my closet a bit more thought, I came up with the idea of opening up the middle and adding a full-length mirror to the center of the closet.  So instead of walking into a dead end of clothing, it opened up the space! It made the room feel Sooo much BIGGER!! 

 I also had my amazing husband add a double shelf on top for my never ending shoe collection ;)  
On top of my side shelves was a lot of wasted space, so I had Brett add a few more boxes that extended to the ceiling. Notice in the AFTER pictures!
After much prep work the wallpaper began!
Here is a Sneak Peak of the closet all arranged, shoes in, clothes hung and ALL my many accessories finally in a permeant home and well organized…. Swoon! 
It really isn't about how much space you have, as much as what you do with it! :)

Watch for a post of ALL the fun details coming soon!!!

Tiffany Inspired Bedroom

What is more glamorous than a blue box from Tiffany's?!? Pure Elegance and class! 
It has taken me forever to get around to finishing my daughter’s bedroom. Last Christmas she asked for a "teenage room" -she no longer wanted floral or pink or her mom to decorate it. (haha)  
So she came up with this idea all on her own! She was the mastermind behind the theme! I did have a BIG say on the paint but other then that, she hand picked a lot of the items in her room! 

I feel bad that it took me almost a year to piece it together. When I see piles of clothing, books and whatever it is that piles up in a teenagers room, it doesn't give me a lot of inspiration to work with! But FINALLY I got it all done! Phew... hopefully she will be more motivated to keep her room clean from this point forward! (wink)

I do love how it turned out.  The turquoise and black is just so classic! The vanity was custom-made. I would say that was the BEST purchase I have ever made. I am kind of jealous though . . . even I don't have it this good!!! 

The few elements that brought it all together were the rug and the Audrey Hepburn picture. Both found at IKEA and were AMAZINGLY affordable! 

This room is NOT changing AGAIN! She will have to bring her husband and children back to this room! haha 
no I'm just kidding. But for sure we are keeping it a for a very, VERY long time or until we move!

Stripe Curtains and Pom-Pom Curtains-Overstock
Silver, Paris, Eyelash pillows-H&M
Rug & Audrey picture-IKEA
Turquoise Lamp-Target
Crystal Lamp-Hobby Lobby
Bedding-Pottery Barn
Leopard Pillow-Etsy
Leopard Shades-Ballard Design
Glitter M- Hand crafted by ME :)
Paris Print-Hobby Lobby 
lighted Chalk Board- Michael's 

If you have any questions about the room please email me at I'll respond a lot quicker! Thanks friends!!

Happy New Years

2015 is leaving us and 2016 is hours away!!! 
I am kicking off the New Year with these pretty little dishes I found at Target (online)

How is everyone going to celebrate their New Years Eve? 
I'll be partying until midnight in my glass slippers and hopefully I won't turn into a pumpkin! (wink)
Wishing you the BEST for 2016! I have a feeling is going to be AMAZING!!!