Top 5 Swimsuits Shops- {Summertime Series}

With Spring here and Summer on the horizon, my Summer calendar is pretty much already full.  I'm on the hunt for a GREAT swimsuit!  Modest and looking glam is key at my age. Do I dare say that I am turning 38 this summer!  I have the summer all planned out with as much SUN time as possible and of course with my SPF 50 always at hand. I find my Summers are spent around lots of  family and friends at the beach, lake or pool and honestly, for the sake of those around me, I really do feel modesty is important!  With that being said, I also don't feel a need to wear my grandmother's swimsuit either! YIKES!!!

So today I want to share with you some swimsuit sites I like to shop at.
Hopefully they will be helpful to you. I think all these suits are darling and from GREAT companies!!!

This is a pretty new swimsuit company. But I was instantly attracted to their modest swim line and also the Flair and vibe of their company and owner. The sequin suit is killer!!!

5 Essential Pieces For Your Bed

In 2010 I posted this "The Perfect Bed" (click HERE for all the details :)
I even did a short TV segment on Utah's Fresh Living
That was a few years ago and a baby later... but, I still get loads of questions about my bed even today.  Color trends change all the time, and so did my bed!

{After }

BUT...the foundation elements of my bedding stayed the same 

 I thought it would be fun to do another overview on some of my FAVORITE “go to” bedding pieces.  I’ll also list out what I think is worth paying more money for and what I have found at bargain prices.
I will also talk about the 5 Essential Pieces for Your BedSo you have the perfect mix of beauty and comfort... Here we go!!!

Easy Curtain Fix

 I have shared this tip years ago. I think it was one of my first posts when I started Home by Heidi back winter of 2011.  

 It's a great tip so I thought I would bring it to the forefront  Its such a quick and easy curtain fix. I have shared this trick with a number of friends and family over the years!

First things first... Supplies!!!
~A wire hanger or long stick with hook
~Ribbon or thick string
(I always like to use ribbon that matches closely with the curtain I am working with) 

It DRIVES me CRAZY when one side of my curtain is gathered and the other side looked flat and lifeless! ughh!! So I came up with this easy curtain solution. 
It might be somewhat simpleton, but it works for me.


Party Planning on a Budget

I am a big believer that you can have AMAZING Beautiful Parties without breaking the bank! If you if pick your theme early enough, you can plan ahead and watch for sales. That way you have TIME to decide what is REALLY important and where you can get more BANG for the Buck!

 Here is a list of my Favorite tips and tricks for planning my parties

{Party Planning on Budget}
Choose a theme and color scheme far in advance
Decide on a budget (stick to it)
Decide what you want to splurge on (what will be the BIGGEST impact)
Watch for sales and seasonal items ( Target Dollar Spot)
Pick a theme that mom and child can be excited about
(get YOUR creative Juices going)

{Shop Around the House}

Use Bedsheets and old Fabric for Tablecloths and backdrops
Use home décor as party decorations! It can add a different element
Borrow from friends and family to SAVE money!