Christmas Trees, and More Christmas Trees

I Love Christmas trees!!! 

I love to decorate them and come up with fun ways to make them unique and interesting!  Today I wanted to share all my past Christmas Trees. A quick and fun trip down memory lane.

I mentioned this last week on my Instagram post...

Hey friends! 😘 I was going through old Christmas pictures and I ran into this picture of my Christmas tree when we first moved into our home 9 years ago. I hear from a lot of friends and clients that they just aren't very "good" at decorating. This picture is proof that with a bit of interest and time, that a skill can be developed. My first tree was the best I knew how to do at the time. Over the years I would look at many Christmas Trees for ideas, and would dissect all the professionals' trees I saw during the Christmas Season. I've come up with a system that works for me and I'm happy with it. And who knew that years later my tree would end up in a magazine. Goals are real! Shoot for your dreams!!!! 😘❤️🎄 Thank you to all my social media friends, friends around me, and family for all the amazing support you've been to me over the years! ❤️

...The Beginning...
This was our very first tree in our new home. 

I still own this tree, it has been transformed over the years. I bought this tree from Tai Pan Trading. At that point Tai Pan was a little company. Nothing like it is today :) 

When we lived In Utah, while going to college we used fresh, short little trees, so buying a fake tall tree was a big deal. Those early years of life were so sweet and less complicated. 16 years later, 4 kids and a household to run, life is so BUSY! 

Fast forward a few years and we upgraded to a 9 foot Christmas tree and chose a flocked one. YES...Flocked is MESSY, I won't deny that. .. but it's sooo worth the finished look. The first few years with this new tree, I went with a gold and green theme. I loved it, and I really enjoyed the style while I had it!

 at the arrival of the flocked tree, I then had an extra christmas tree (my original green one) so I used the 7.5 foot tree in the basement. It turned into the "Kids" tree. I went with something more whimsy and kid-friendly. I came up with a fun Candy Cane theme. I have done this Candy cane tree the last few years, adding a few new elements each year.  But...I have to say, this year's Candy Cane tree (2016) is my favorite.  I used a 7.5 flocked tree from Treetopia. All the red and white elements pop even more. You might see it published in Better Homes and Garden Christmas 2017. 
NEXT year...I have something else in mind. Can't wait to execute my plan!!! 

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