SouthEast Idaho Wedding

I just have to say Idaho Weddings in December are Cold!!!

But, they are still very magical at the same time. . .

Since moving to southern Utah, we miss the feelings and magic of a White Christmas.  Thank goodness I still have lots of family who live in Idaho because NOW we get the best of both worlds.  Magical Christmas Snow when we visit family, but Warm Weather the rest of winter ;) 

We had a blast at my niece's wedding and the best part was all the yummy food and the warm inviting environment as we gathered to PARTY! Her reception was at THE VENUE located on Main Street in Rigby, Idaho. 

My favorite part of this historical building had to be be the cozy fireplace, Exposed Brick Wall and a HUGE serving kitchen in the back, big enough to host any event! Here are a few  more details of the space:

The Venue is 5,500 square feet and is picture perfect! The on-trend style of the 'Venue Studio' will help make your event Pinterest worthy! It's the perfect place to gather and celebrate life's greatest milestones.

When I was helping my niece prepare for her big day and as we discussed what to do at The Venue, we soon realized the space was already beautiful and very little was needed to create a classic and personal atmosphere that reflected her style. It offers a neutral canvas that pairs well with any decor or color pallet!  

I have to also add growing up in east Idaho, I felt like finding locations to host events was a HUGE challenge.  Small towns sometimes don't have a lot to offer, but with the opening of The Venue a classy option that brides, or anyone for that matter, would be pleased to discover is now available! 

Here are a few pictures of our event at Rigby's The Venue
 The Exposed Brick is so Pretty!!!
It doesn't take a lot to make this space elegant!
The food was perfect for a cold winter's evening. Cheese trays, homemade soup, and Hot cocoa bar

Football Room Reveal

Finally, I am sharing my Football Room Reveal! This has been a long time coming . . . like a few years:) Seriously, I cannot believe how fast time flies by, and the last year has been the quickest, yet longest time of my life.  This was a REALLY fun room to do! 

At first, I was a bit unsure what direction I wanted to go. Normally when you think football you think of a brown leather ball. But I wanted to go with something totally out of the box, a fresh take on a football look. So the gray and blue color scheme was just perfect. I put my creative juices to task and from there it all came together. 

There are so many great elements about this room that I didn't want to pass over or forget to share with everyone so here it is...
The room is in the basement. We finished it on our own a few years after moving into our home. 
My husband (AKA the handyman) framed, sheet rocked, and also did the finishing trim work. He did such a good job. We used shiplap planks, in an X pattern, using reclaimed wood that we rescued from an old barn being torn down. It was fun to breath life into them again. 

When I set out to design, I love to focus on the details of a space. It really is in the details that makes all the difference in a finished room. 

The Lighting:
Lighting is a huge part of the details for me, including finish work and elements that really add a fun and personalized touch. 
In the boys room, I added some of my favorite industrial lights. These sconces found at Lowes for less than $30. HINT: they are really outdoor lights, but who says you can't bring the outdoors in ;) 

The Vinyl:
I custom measured the space and had a resource on Etsy customize the yard lines and names for me. 

The Vintage Football Pictures: 
This was a bit more challenging, but after searching on pretty much every stock photo option online, we finally found some High Res pictures that we could blow up. Our local print company worked with us to mount and texturize them. They are one of my favorite elements of the room. My sons' Great Grandpa Oliver was a Football Star during this vintage football era. My husband really enjoyed seeing a bit of his grandpa reflected in the space.