Rug Buying Guide

Rugs can be tricky! The biggest question is how big or how small you go! 
Below is a GREAT picture guide to help you along the way.  

A lot of people  I work with always seem to be concerned about covering too much of their tile, wood or carpet.  I kind of feel like that is where people go wrong with rugs.  
My suggestion: Cover the floor!!! If you choose to use a rug in the space, make the most of that rug.  

Rugs can make your room feel bigger, it can highlight your furniture, and better yet it provides a great anchor for furniture.  When you go too small, it can sometimes dwarf the room and even the furniture. If you are dealing with other matters that don't allow you to float the furniture on the rug, my rule of thumb is at the very least have the front feet of the furniture on the rug.

My last suggestion for today...always go bigger than smaller. Even if it leaves you with a sliver of floor showing :)

....Living Spaces and Dining....


These are just "guides" rules sometime need broken. But I do try to follow these rug rules as often as I can!

Free Money {SERIOUSLY}

Have you guys heard of Ebates? I am sure most of you already have. I kind of feel I’m a bit late in the game on this one and kicking myself that I haven't used it sooner!!! You all know how I love a GOOD tip or trick. When my brother told me about Ebates I was like 
"What? This is too good to be true"

I get cash back just for stopping by the Ebates
 site FIRST and then continuing on to the online stores where I ALREADY shop, at NO cost to me?

Ya'’s TRUE! Here is a picture to show the proof  is in the pudding. 

I do a LOT of online shopping. Living in little o' Idaho, I don't have every store at my finger tips and honestly with 4 kids I never really make it out of the house anyway to shop, even if I did have the stores right around the corner;-)

I needed a few “necessity” items for family pictures, summer clothing, and decor items for the 2 kids’ rooms I am working on.  I earned $42.64 in REAL Cash Back! And the best part.... a check was mailed directly to me! WHAT??? That is what I call AWESOME!!! 
They also have a list of great coupons to save even more money.

Here’s a list of just a few online stores I got cash back from:

Old Navy
White House Black Market
The Children’s Place

Super easy... just an extra step before you shop!

Go check out Ebates HERE 
and learn more about how you can earn a little extra spending money!

Football Room Update

Here is another Sneak Peek of the Room! I am THRILLED with how it’s coming along. 

I am currently tackling the other big wall in the room, and super excited for the final design concept I came up with. Crossing my fingers it works out like I've envisioned in my mind!

I love that we went with a vintage theme room when football wasn't so ruff and tuff and more of a gentlemen’s sport. I would have loved to watch a classic Leatherheads game. My husbands grandpa “Smokey” was a football star back in the day. His name plastered across the new papers and media.
My son loves to hear stories about him. This room is a tribute to him! 

Money Gift Idea

It's that time again when we near the end of the school year! Gifts are always so much more fun when a little thought and creativity is put into them. I'm an aunt to kids that are graduating from high school, getting married, or leaving to serve LDS Missions WOW... am I really that old?! haha :)
I always try to give something fun and memorable to celebrate these amazing achievements!

This printable is one I personally designed!
My inspiration was found from my all-time favorite place... Pinterest :)

 I wanted the printable to have a punch of color, so I printed it on colorful scrapbook paper, taped a
$50 dollar bill on it and placed it inside a cute 8x10 frame (Love THIS Frame!)

It was done within minutes. 
So fun and Easy!
Download HERE for free Printable