Football Boys Room..Sneak Peek

Things are coming along in the boys' room update. It took me FOREVER just to decide on the perfect paint color. I knew I wanted gray, but you know how gray goes. There are so many undertones to consider. I finally decided on Light French Gray from Sherwin. It has a bit of a blue undertone, but not so much that it feels "blue".  It ended up being PERFECT with the rooms color scheme!

My oldest son was tired of the car theme, and is BIG TIME into football! Currently he has started running up and down my staircase every morning in preparation for summer practice. Haha SO you can imagine the sounds I get to wake up to :) I LOVE him and his determination!

We are BIG Utah State fans, Ohhh and I do have to add another blue school to the mix... BYU :) as I am sure some of our kids might end up going there. Dad is a CRAZY fan and cries over every touchdown! :)

Awhile ago my hubby and I watched the movie Leatherheads. It's Hilarious!!!

I guess at that time in history pro football was for the "old men" - crazy to think that was ever the case. Anyway, the leatherhead era was very popular in the college arena, and since we are college football fans, I knew that was the direction I wanted to go with the boys' room.

I threw a twist in the room, when I decided to use gray and navy, instead of brown as the accent color. When I found the gray football pillow it was as if my color choice was made in heaven!

Vintage football is so classic and so far we are off to a good start with adding a touch of an era gone by!

I am waiting for a few things to come back from the printer, and then we can start hanging and hopefully have this room complete. It still might take a few months. But such is life...and lately it's been a BUSY one! :)

Here is a Sneak Peak! Can't wait for it to be DONE!

Little Girls Room...Sneak Peek

For the past few months, I have been thinking about what direction I wanted to go with my sweet little nursery. I have had wonderful memories in this little room. The smell of baby will always linger.  Recently, my little miss showed all the signs that it was time she needed to move into a "big girl" bed, so I headed to one of my favorite stores Downeast for some shopping!  I got lucky and found a gorgeous gray and cream upholstered bed that retails for A LOT of money on Pottery Barn Kids, but snagged it for around $180 YAY! 

I played around with the idea of starting over with the room and changing the color scheme, but I have LOVED the soft feeling I get whenever I walk into the space and so I decided to continue with the original colors. For the most part, I don't think the room will look a whole lot different from the nursery when everything is said and done. And I am ok with that. We are taking life day-by-day at this point. Preparing for the future and one day a new home (hopefully sooner than later). At that point, I know that a lot of my design choices will change. I am currently in the saving mode for home and memories as my kids are growing up so fast! Being able to repurpose the same decor, curtains and pillows made me feel great about the project as a whole.  

I am soooo close to having the room done. I'm waiting on a sham, the bedskirt and a few other little things. I PROMISE I'll post soon!  In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of elements from the space! 

I just had to share this picture of my baby when she was itty bitty...Its one of my all time favorites! 

What Matters Most

As most of you know, I am a HUGE fan of Fixer Upper. Our good friends just recently invited me and my hubby to come stay with them (they don't live very far from Waco) and investigate "while having a blast" discovering what Magnolia Market and Silos are all about! And MAYBE just maybe we will get to see a sighting of Joanne and Chip. (haha) If only I were that lucky.  

In the meantime, I wanted a little piece of Magnolia to call my own. I LOVE this sign! 
I will treasure it for years to come. And what an ever present reminder of what matters most :)

My Front Porch

With each season I like to change things up a bit it!  This past October, I grabbed this steal of a deal polka dot rug at Ikea, and I have loved how it has carried me through the last few seasons. 

At Halloween, the color scheme was Orange and Black (this picture is from the year before) 
I SWEAR I shared a picture of my porch from this year somewhere?! But, It's pretty much was the same, just imagine it with the polka dot rug! Ha :)

At Christmas The colors were...Black, Red and Silver

And this years Spring and Summer Porch is a Fun POP of green (my personal favorite)
with once again BLACK! (haha)

It's amazing all the possibilities that one little rug can offer!!!